At the Forefront of Refractive Surgery

The Forefront of Refractive Surgery presented by the London Vision Clinic focuses on the two most advanced and pioneering procedures in refractive surgery at the moment; SMILE and PRESBYOND (PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision).

It is a three day course including lectures, practical workshops, group workshops, and a wet lab.

In addition to this, London Vision Clinic are also publishing a book on SMILE (The Surgeon’s Guide to SMILE), which will be available in 2018 based on the course content.

London Vision Clinic are leading experts in both procedures – having pioneered PRESBYOND (PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision) and treated over 10,000 cases to being involved from the early stages of developing SMILE, the newest keyhole procedure and performing leading research in the field for the last 5 years. It was evident over the three-day course just how passionate Professor Reinstein and Mr Carp are about their field and how they enjoy teaching and sharing new research with other highly-trained specialists.

The current mainstream trend in refractive surgery is to offer Intraocular Lens replacement or LASIK. Whilst these procedures have their advantages in certain patients, there are additional benefits from the two procedures covered in the course, which is why we are seeing an upsurge in interest around the world for learning about these two techniques. London Vision Clinic began performing SMILE in 2011 and now there five clinics performing SMILE. Because of the expertise of the faculty and level of teaching, London Vision Clinic attracted delegates from 18 countries including:

UK, Spain, Argentina, Thailand, Malta, Colombia, Algeria, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Malaysia, USA, Denmark, Ethiopia, Turkey, China, Poland, Mexico, India, Singapore, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland.

The course was held at the Royal Society of Medicine with 70 delegates attending. The course received overwhelming positive feedback and we have further dates coming up. If you are interested in attending one of London Vision Clinic’s latest Forefront Refractive Surgery courses, find out more and register here.