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Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Am Prone To Keloid Scarring?

Keloid scarring is found to have no influence on Laser Eye Surgery results. The over production of collagen tissue found in scars on the skin keloid formation has not been shown to be affected in the healing process within the cornea.

I was obviously apprehensive about the procedure and surprised and delighted how painless and quick it all was. I could read almost immediately and it’s the best thing, I ever have done. 
– Paola Nyderek

Mr Carp explains at London Vision Clinic rigorous screening process for patients for night vision disturbances and expectations from Laser Eye Surgery.

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Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Am Prone To Keloid Scarring? [video]

  1. Guy Bulkeley 21/05/2016 at 02:03

    After detached retina and cataract treatment I developed keloid which removed by retina peel only to come back. Vision in this left high now almost non existent. Need cataract removal in right eye but scared of keloid formation. Advice for both eyes please.

    • Bethany Kingsley 23/05/2016 at 07:30

      Hi Guy,

      I am afraid that we wouldn’t be the best facility to give you the information regarding your eyes. Laser Eye Surgery can rid patients of their glasses. It doesn’t sound like this is what you are looking for. If the retinal issues are on going I would recommend you seek a specialist called Mr Riaz Asaria, he also performs cataract surgery so may be able to shed some light on your situation. Please do not hesitate to contact the clinic on 0207 224 1005 for more details.
      London Vision Clinic

  2. santosh 27/09/2016 at 17:41

    Now I have keroid problem I want to go for eye operation can it cause any defects for my eyes

    • Bethany Kingsley 28/09/2016 at 07:30

      Hi Santosh,

      This is based on a case by case basis but you certainly a possible candidate for Laser Eye Surgery. You would most likely need additional appointments with an external specialist and a thorough examination but it is possible. If you require more information, please call the clinic on 0207 224 1005.
      London Vision Clinic

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