Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have A Retinal Tear?

Up to 20% of people are turned away at some clinics as they are found unsuitable by them for Laser Eye Surgery. However, in many cases that does not mean that these people cannot be helped at all. Usually it simply means that the particular clinic they went to could not help them. We are able to treat 98% of people coming to us at the London Vision Clinic – even if they have been rejected by other clinics.

If you still have or have had a retinal tear in the past you might wonder about your suitability for laser eye treatment. A retinal tear is a type of retinal break – along with retinal holes and dialyses. It allows vitreous fluid to seep through the tear under the retina, which can cause symptoms such as the impression that a veil or curtain was drawn over the field of vision, a dense shadow starting in the peripheral vision and slowly progressing towards the central vision, possibly even central visual loss. You should inform your surgeon at the initial assessment that you have this condition.

Explained Further…

“A retinal tear is not a contraindication for Laser Eye Surgery. You can have surgery with this condition. However, if you have recently had this condition, you will need to follow the care and advice from your eye care professional.”

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