Can I Have Laser Eye Surgery If I Have Ulcers In My Eye?

Corneal ulcers, or ulcerative keratitis, is an inflammatory or infective corneal condition. Corneal ulcers are fairly common eye diseases and can be caused by a number of things, including trauma, chemical injury, infections and contact lenses

If you wear contact lenses we can almost certainly help you get rid of them and decrease your risk of developing corneal ulcers due to contact lenses. However, you might already have a corneal ulcer or have had one in the past and are therefore wondering about your suitability for Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic.

Explained Further…

“Contact lens related complication like ulcers in the cornea are sudden emergency problems. If you have one of these or you have had one recently, you will need to follow the advice of your eye care professional. However, if you have had ulcers in the cornea in the past, they are really unlikely to be a contraindication for Laser Eye Surgery but we will need to reassess your eyes, look at the ocular health and confirm your suitability.”

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