Risks Of Laser Eye Surgery

Over the last several months, I have become increasingly well read on Laser Eye Surgery and the risks pertaining to this revolutionary, and sometimes controversial, procedure. A moment ago, I came across an article recently published article addressing some of these risks.

Does Risk-Free Laser Eye Surgery Exist?

The bottom line is that, like many things in life, any surgery is a risk. Getting in a car is a risk, but does that mean that you are never going leave your house again? Giving birth is a risk, but people still do it every day. Having your wisdom teeth out is a risk!

I am not trying to oversimplify the issue. In fact, I can understand why this surgery makes people cringe more than the rest. It doesn’t matter how long I have been writing on and researching the different variations of the procedure. The fact is that the thought of cutting a part of my eye out with a laser, much less while I’m still awake, still me feel very uncomfortable. This is despite the fact that the procedure is painless. This is despite that fact that top medical professionals walk you through step-by-step to make you feel at ease. No, any which way, the idea of the procedure and what it entails at its core has a way of making people feel on edge.

The Real Risks Of Laser Eye Surgery

But let’s talk facts. There are two “most common long term negative side effects” for corrective Laser Eye Surgery.

The first one is dry eyes. This is a common symptom that many patients will experience after the procedure. Your surgeon will prescribe you eye drops to deal with these symptoms, and in most cases they are temporary. The concern for this as a permanent issues is only necessary should your dry eyes continue for 6 months or more after your procedure.

The second is the lack of night vision. This doesn’t imply no night vision, it implies complications. For example, visual disruptions such as halos or a glare while you are driving.

If you experience either of these symptoms after your doctor’s recommended recovery time, tell your medical care professional right away.

Why Choose London Vision Clinic To Perform Your Laser Eye Surgery?

With all of that being said, it is important to remember whose hands you are putting your eyes in. I think that you reserve the right to be choosy about who you let near your eyes. Not all eye surgeons have the same qualifications, experience and passion for their patients.

At London Vision Clinic, we are not going to recommend any corrective eye procedure to any one that we don’t believe to be the ideal candidate. We will make sure that you qualify for the procedure, and we will be there to support you and your vision every step on the way!