Can Laser Eye Surgery Treat The Loss Of Reading Vision?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Yes, nowadays there are many profiles available to assist people who become presbyopic.  Presbyopia affects everyone pretty much over the age of 45 and it is because the muscles in the eye are not able to accommodate and change one’s focus from distance to near.  So, of the techniques nowadays, the most common that we use is called Laser Blended Vision, can adapt for these shortcomings from the focal system while also maintaining the patient’s distance vision.”

Loss Of Reading Vision And Laser Eye Surgery Explained Further…

The loss of reading vision that is evident around the age of 45 is known as presbyopia or ‘ageing eyes’. London Vision Clinic has been treating patients with presbyopia for years.

We call the technique used to correct presbyopia Laser Blended Vision. With this technique, one eye is treated to view objects mainly at distance, but a little up close, and the other is treated to view objects mainly up close, but a little at distance. The brain puts the two images together and enables the individual to see distance and near without effort. In most cases, the brain is able to compensate and you will experience an excellent depth of focus and overall visual acuity, without the need to wear glasses or contact lenses.

Mr Glenn Carp explains how the loss of reading vision can be treated with Laser Eye Surgery.

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Laser treatment is completely painless and quick! It is a complete joy and treat to have had the blended vision laser treatment – no more contact lenses and no more reading glasses – amazing and wonderful freedom- am delighted! – Jeremy Capo-Bianco

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Can Laser Eye Surgery Treat The Loss Of Reading Vision? [Video]