Can SMILE Eye Surgery Treat short-sightedness?

In recent years, almost every part of life has benefited from incredible technological advances that make our lives easier, safer, and more enjoyable. In no area are these developments more important than the medical industry.

That’s why, at London Vision Clinic, we not only utilise but contribute to the development of the most cutting-edge solutions in Laser Eye Surgery.

Our Harley Street clinic was one of the first in the world to offer ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery to our patients. By using a revolutionary, minimally-invasive laser, our surgeons are now able to more efficiently treat patients with moderate and high short-sightedness, thinner corneas, and greater contact lens intolerance than ever before.

Therefore, SMILE opens up Laser Eye Surgery to a whole new group of people who previously were considered to be unsuitable for treatment.

What SMILE Can Do

Our very own Professor Dan Reinstein was one of the innovators behind this latest generation of Laser Eye Surgery. The resulting ‘keyhole’ procedure is faster to perform than traditional LASIK and offers increased comfort and reduced recovery time to each patient.

SMILE procedures involve accessing the stroma tissue (inner portion of the cornea) through a tiny incision – created by the incredibly precise Carl Zeiss Meditec VisuMas femtosecond laser. Through this tiny incision, our surgeons are able to remove targeted tissue, reshaping the cornea.

In comparison, LASIK treatments disrupt a much larger portion of the epithelium (outer layer of the cornea). In this procedure, a flap is created to allow access to the corneal bed. Once the targeted tissue has been removed, this flap is moved back into position to heal.

The difference in disruption to the cornea means that, in SMILE, the eye can start healing itself almost immediately after the surgery. SMILE can also reduce – and even eliminate – the risk of post-surgical complications.

Thanks to the quick recovery associated with SMILE surgery, as many as 80 per cent of SMILE patients report seeing an immediate improvement in their vision; the remaining patients are seeing clearly in just a few short days.

The Future

While SMILE is not currently suitable for patients with long-sightedness (hyperopia), it is invaluable in offering an option to many patients that have previously been told they do not qualify for treatments such as PRK and LASIK, including patients with higher myopic prescriptions.

Despite its current shortcomings regarding hyperopia, it is hoped that continued research and development will soon make Laser Eye Surgery a suitable option for even more patients.

SMILE is now the fastest-growing Laser Eye Surgery procedure, gathering praise from both doctors and patients. Millions of people worldwide are now seeing clearly, thanks to ReLEx SMILE.

Long-sighted and unsure which treatments you could be eligible for? Contact one of our friendly clinic coordinators today and find out what Laser Eye Surgery could do for you.

Laser Eye Treatment Fees start from £5,900 for both eyes. Very complex treatments may cost more.

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