Am I Suitable For Laser Eye Surgery?

Professor Dan Reinstein – “It is better for someone who is thinking of having Laser Eye Surgery to get a consultation from a doctor to find out if they are candidates.  It is very hard for an individual to know whether they are a good candidate or not.  There are so many factors.  But generally if you are pregnant, it is better to wait until after you have delivered and finish breast-feeding.  For example if you have an eye disease, you will need to have an eye surgeon tell you whether it is okay.  Many eye diseases do not involve the cornea and can perfectly safely receive Laser Eye Surgery.  There is a list of things that make it a little harder to have Laser Eye Surgery, you know people mention diabetes and glaucoma and arthritis but all of these people generally under expert care can have Laser Eye Surgery.  It just depends on the level of the expertise of the provider.  In all cases, if one is thinking about having laser eye surgery, the best way is to get a consultation and see whether you are a candidate or not and a good doctor is who will be able to tell you no if the answer is no.”

Suitability Explained Further…

The only way to know for sure if you are suitable for Laser Eye Surgery is to attend an initial screening.

To book your initial screening with the London Vision Clinic, click here.

Professor Dan Reinstein talks about factors to consider when seeking suitability for laser eye surgery.

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It took me almost 3 years to pluck up courage to come and be tested for the surgery. On the day of the examination I was nervous and was for the next 3 days. On the day of the surgery I was treated very well and was put at ease- especially the head massage. I couldn’t believe it was over and done with so quickly. Glad I had it done. -Carol Lowry

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