Changing Looks – Changing Lives

A jar of glasses, whose lives have been changed!

Under the headline “We changed our looks and changed our lives”, five women describe to a national magazine how changing just one thing about their appearance had transformed their lives.

“I can´t wait to start the next decade of my life”, writes a sixty year old who had lost a dramatic amount of weight.

“I´m no longer scared of having a photo taken”, wrote a beaming 45-year-old who had undergone cosmetic dental surgery.

A third declared herself to be more outgoing after a breast reduction; while another, who had not been to the hairdresser for fourteen years, explained the impact that cutting her waist length hair in to a stylish bob had made on her life. But it was the fifth member of this quintet of inspirational, life affirming stories that caught my eye – a 32-year-old who confided “I finally feel confident after shedding my glasses”.

Sarah had started wearing glasses as a child and had always felt self-conscious about her appearance claiming that, despite searching for the “right” frames she had felt unattractive as she grew up. She had tried contact lenses, but had found them uncomfortable as her eyes were too dry to tolerate them.

“Since having the eye surgery five years ago, my life has been completely transformed. Finally I can look in the mirror and like what I see. I feel more attractive and comfortable with myself. I have built up a great career, and I´m sure this is due to the new-found confidence I have developed. “Wearing glasses never let me forget the person I was when I was a teenager, but now I feel free to move on to the next stage of my life”.

She went on to explain that since Laser Eye Surgery she has also enjoyed wearing make-up – previously she had avoided it, not wanting to stand out or be noticed in any way. Clearly this woman is now loving the way she looks and enjoying the new direction her life is taking since she ditched her glasses.