10 Things that are Miles Better without Wearing Glasses

There are some things in life that we can’t accurately imagine until we take the plunge and just go for it. Things like having a baby, or starting a new career. Oh, or getting rid of your glasses – once and for all.

From admiring the latest drawing from your little one to appreciating the beauty of a sunrise – or even reading this article – sufficient vision is a prerequisite for many meaningful moments. When you can see clearly, such moments can carry a real profundity that will stay with you forever or even change your life.

This is an incredibly frustrating shame when the fact is: clear vision is a possibility for almost everyone with a quick, simple, and incredibly safe procedure. Laser Eye Surgery can not only help you to get rid of your glasses forever, but it can also help to make hundreds of activities easier and more enjoyable.

Here are 10 examples which are miles better when you aren’t obstructed by glasses. Many of them need to be experienced to be believed.

1. Doing Anything in The Gym

Sure, you can work out in glasses. You can also work out in a dress – or better yet, a ski suit! But the question is – would that help you to get into the right frame of mind to feel the burn and perfect that physique of yours? Probably not.

The fact is, glasses certainly don’t help you in the gym and, in many cases, they can actually be more of a hindrance – steaming up, bouncing around, falling off or just being generally irritating. Glasses will also get in your way if you decide to have a swim or join an exercise class – not at all what you need when you are trying to get motivated.

2. Relaxing at The Beach

Like most people, I love the beach. But I, unfortunately, used to associate the beautiful environment with gritty lenses, sore eyes, and stepping on jagged rocks.

But now that I no longer rely on glasses – I am back to loving the beach like a child. Not having to spend valuable reading time polishing my contact lenses or being forced to stay in the shallows while everyone else is out enjoying the waves. Instead, I am getting through books like the Flash and jumping around with everyone else!

3. Travelling Stress-Free

We’ve all been there – you’re all packed and ready to go; you’ve triple-checked that you’ve got the passports and the suitcases are in the taxi – but where are your glasses? Your train leaves in 20 minutes so you’d better find them quickly.

After an unfruitful dash around the house, you throw your hands up in frustration, only to knock the damn things off your head where they have, of course, been the whole time. Luckily you’ve gotten away with it this time but things only get more stressful when you’re travelling.

Whether it’s a quick business trip or a fortnight in the Caribbean, the wise will insist on packing two – or even three – backup pairs of glasses. But the wiser still opt for Laser Eye Surgery.

4. Fully Enjoying a Night Out

Any glasses-wearing parents out there will be fully aware of the two things that are constantly draining your pockets and ruining your rare nights out – the kids, and glasses.

Having said that, glasses are probably the worst of the two – at least kids have their cute moments, too. Having your drunken friends – and even strangers – constantly ripping them off your face to try them on seems like it would be bad enough. But no, they also stop you from going wild on the dance floor.

5. Cooking without the Microwave

Under the right circumstances – read: with a glass of wine and ample time – cooking can be one of the greatest pleasures of the day. But scrap that if you are one of the unlucky ones who is chained to their glasses. A hot, steamy kitchen and lenses are not a good mix and will most likely lead to fogged-up glasses and using sugar instead of salt. So much for the relaxing night in and romantic candle-lit dinner… maybe next time.

6. Getting a Good Photo

Getting a good photo – whether you’re behind or in front of the camera lens – can be a real pain when you’re wearing glasses. If you manage to get the right angle and avoid the glare that seems to follow you around, you might manage to get a decent photo after a dozen or so attempts.

If you’re the one taking the picture, though, you might as well just forget it.

7. Taking Part in Sports

Another irritating thing about glasses is that they can make something as fun and freeing as taking part in sports more difficult – and we’re not just talking about extreme sports! Sure, glasses obviously make bungee jumping and snowboarding a big no-no, but even tamer alternatives like football, climbing, or cycling can take a hit, too.

Sure, contact lenses might be an option – if you can tolerate them. But the truth is, when you’re taking part in sports (no matter how extreme) you want to be free to focus on the things around you.

8. Getting Up Close and Personal

No matter the situation, sharing intimate and personal moments with a loved one often requires a certain level of closeness that can be difficult to achieve when you have a pair of glasses on your face.

Whether you’re having a cuddle with the kids, embracing your partner, or even rolling around in the garden with the dog, you want to be able to fully enjoy these important moments without worrying about your glasses or experiencing them from behind a frame.

9. Attending School Reunions

It is a popularised phenomenon that everyone dreads attending their school reunion. Misplacing the invitation or “accidentally” double-booking are common excuses for missing the event. But the sad reality is that most of us are worried about silly things like not being “successful enough” or appearing old to our old friends – and crushes.

In reality, though, you are probably great. Don’t feel like your glasses are holding you back – do something about it.

10. Driving Safely

Put simply: glasses and driving aren’t a good combination. Leaving your glasses somewhere will mean that you simply can’t drive. This isn’t only because it will be difficult to see clearly, but doing so is also illegal and will invalidate your insurance policy.

Secondly, even if you do have your glasses, certain conditions might present their own obstacles. For example, driving at night or in poor lighting conditions might mean that you can’t see clearly – either with or without your glasses.

Glasses and driving don’t mix. Firstly, wherever you are, if you don’t have your glasses, you can’t drive. I don’t mean it’s too difficult to see, I mean it’s illegal and invalidates your insurance policy.

Finally, no matter what the time or weather, glasses can cause a nearly complete loss of peripheral vision. What most people can do with a flick of the eye, glasses wearers have to turn their entire head from the road in front of them. Annoying, right?

That was ten things that are miles better to do without wearing glasses – and it was just the tip of the iceberg.

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