10 Things To Do That Are Miles Better Without Wearing Glasses

Like having a baby or dropping 10 stone, there are some things in life that you simply don’t know what they’re going to be like until you go ahead and do them.

Getting rid of your glasses is one of them.

From admiring yourself in size ten pants and noticing the little signs of a baby getting older, to appreciating the details of a sunrise and reading this article, good vision is a prerequisite for everything meaningful. When your vision is great, such moments can carry real profundity and can even change your life. When it’s not, they’re glossed over and fail to become a part of it.

This is a real shame when clear vision is available to almost everyone through a quick, simple, and incredibly safe procedure. There are literally hundreds of actions and activities we carry out every single day that take on a whole new life when you get rid of your specs and have Laser Eye Surgery. And every single one of them has to be experienced to be believed.

Here are ten that are pretty much impossible to imagine how good they can be until you bin the glasses and take the leap to clear vision with Laser Eye Surgery.

1. Doing Anything in The Gym

Sure, you can workout wearing a pair of glasses. But you can also workout wearing a dress. A better question is, do they really help you feel the burn, get in the zone, and perfect that physique?

Glasses, like a splint or any other medical device, certainly don’t help you in the gym. More often than not, they’re a huge hinderancesteaming up, bouncing around, falling off, and generally just being a nuisance. Not to mention they prevent you from having a swim in the pool and taking part in almost any exercise class. Not at all what you need for motivating you to lose those extra few pounds.

2. Relaxing at The Beach

I love the beach. But in the past, I used to associate it with gritty lenses, sore eyes, stepping on jagged rocks, and swallowing bucket-loads of saltwater.

Now that I can see without glasses, all that has changed. I no longer have to spend my time polishing my lenses when I’m meant to be reading or staying in the shallow end when everyone is out enjoying the waves. The beach is now a place of ultimate relaxation, as it should be.

3. Travelling Stress-free

You’re all packed and ready to go, the train to the airport leaves in 20 minutes, and you’ve just realised you can’t find your glasses. A last-minute rush around the house, and you throw your hands up in dismay, only to knock them off your head where they’ve been all along.

Whether it’s a two-day business trip or a fortnight in the Carribean, this is normally the start of what will be an endless number of other similar instances of an equal and even higher level of stress. For this reason, the wise often pack two or three backup pairs whenever they go away. The wiser still get their eyes lasered so they don’t even have to give it all a single thought.

4. Fully Enjoying a Night Out

There are two things that as well as draining money from your pockets and being a constant source of annoyance, never fail to ruin a good night out. One of them is the kids, and the other is glasses.

Saying that, glasses are probably the worse of the two as at least kids have their cute moments. As well as being constantly picked off your face and tried on by friends and strangers alike, they stop you from letting loose on the dance floor, can lead to dry eyes the morning after, and add ten years to whatever outfit you finally decided they don’t clash with.

5. Cooking Without The Microwave

With a glass of wine and ample time, cooking can be one of the greatest and most relaxing moments of the day. But the reality of every day is running around a hot kitchen, stressing out and sweating cobbs while trying to make best of whatever’s left in the fridge.

For all you know, behind your steamed up glasses, you could be in the deepest rainforests of Africa rather than a cold, sleepy town in England. You can’t see a thing, and by the time the dinner’s ready, you’ve just about come to the boil yourself. So much for the quiet night in and romantic, candle-lit dinner — again.

6. Getting a Good Photo

Trying to getting a good photo when you already have one pair of lenses sitting on your face is not that easy.

If you get the right angle as to avoid glare and ensure they’re straight and pushed up properly on your nose, and you may get a good photo after a dozen or so tries. If you’re the one taking the photo, though, you may as well just forget it.

7. Taking Part In Sports

Wearing glasses not only makes you look and feel older, it makes you act older too. Try talking with someone in their 80s about what sports they’re able to do, and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, sailing, mountain biking, and bungee jumping are just some of the sports off the cards for anyone who relies on glasses. Contact lenses may be an option if you can tolerate them, but when taking part in active and extreme sports like those above, you want to be free to focus on what you need to — not worrying about an itchy eye or lost lens.

8. Getting up close and personal

Regardless of the situation, sharing special and personal moments requires a level of tranquillity and closeness that is difficult to get when you have medical apparatus on your face.

It doesn’t matter where you are, whether you’re with your kids, partner or even your even if you’re rolling around in the garden with the dog, when experiencing a moment of intimacy, you want to be fully there and not forced to experience it from behind a frame.

9. Attending School Reunions

People normally dread events like school reunions, being busy on the date or ‘forgetting’ to add it to their calendar. It’s sad, really, as normally all it comes down to is something silly like they don’t want their old friends and foes — and crush — to judge how old they look.

In reality, though, the person looks great. Don’t feel like your glasses are holding you back – do something about it.

10. Driving Safely

Glasses and driving don’t mix. Firstly, wherever you are, if you don’t have your glasses, you can’t drive. I don’t mean it’s too difficult to see, I mean it’s illegal and invalidates your insurance policy.

Secondly, even if you do have your glasses, if it’s nighttime or poor lighting conditions, you probably can’t drive either. This time it’s not because of the long arm of the law, but that you want to avoid an accident and/or being banned from driving for a while. Thirdly, no matter what the time or weather, glasses cause a nearly complete loss of peripheral vision. What most people can do with a flick of the eye, by glasses wearers, has to be done by turning their entire head from the road in front of them.

That was ten things that are miles better to do without wearing glasses, and it was just the tip of the iceberg. Find out more about why getting rid of your glasses is the best thing you can do by speaking with one of our friendly clinic coordinators today.

Dr Tim Archer
Dr Tim Archer

Dr Timothy Archer graduated from Oxford and Cambridge Universities with an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a postgraduate degree in Computer Science. He joined the clinic in 2003, where he established his career specialising in laser refractive surgery research alongside Professor Reinstein. Today, he manages the in-house research team, of which achievements include 124 peer-reviewed papers, 32 book chapters, over 100 scientific articles and a published textbook. He also oversees and edits the content on London Vision Clinic’s website.