Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is – Surgeons who have had Laser Eye Surgery

If you’ve been considering Laser Eye Surgery for a while, there are likely countless questions and concerns running through your head. Perhaps you’re worried about the potential disruption to your life, or maybe you’re frightened at the prospect of being awake during your surgery. And while you might think that it is easy for us, on the other side of the operating table, to tell you that everything is going to be okay – our surgeons really do understand exactly how you’re feeling.

In this article, we’ll meet our expert Laser Eye Surgeons who have put their money where their mouths are and gone under the laser themselves.

Mr. Glenn Carp’s Correction for Short-Sightedness and Astigmatism

Our expert surgeon – and one of the most highly-trained surgeons in the UK – Mr Glenn Carp first began to notice his myopia (short-sightedness) at university. While his prescription was relatively low (-2.5), Glenn found that he also had a degree of astigmatism. To make matters worse, he soon realised he didn’t tolerate contact lenses.

While wearing glasses represented an obstacle in his free time on the sports field, this was nothing compared to the inconvenience in his academic life. At the time, Glenn was a junior ophthalmologist in training and his newly acquired glasses acted as a barrier, preventing him from getting his eyes as close to microscopes and other optical equipment’s eyepieces as necessary. This meant he would often wear contact lenses, despite finding them extremely uncomfortable.

But once Mr Carp started his career in London alongside our founder and expert surgeon, Professor Dan Reinstein (or The Prof, as Glenn calls him), everything changed.

Glenn had the opportunity to not only have his eyesight corrected by the best surgeon in his field but also to experience what it’s like to be on the other side of the operating table.

“All patients are nervous and – although I had complete confidence in the Prof – I was no exception”, he remembers.

Of course, everything went smoothly and Glenn was soon able to ditch the pesky glasses and contact lenses! But the experience also gave him something else: a better understanding of the procedure from a patient’s perspective. What’s more, a few years later, Glenn was able to return the favour for Professor Reinstein!

Professor Reinstein’s Presbyopia Treatment

Professor Dan has dedicated his career to improving the vision of others. Yet, he has had perfect eyesight for his entire life – at least recently.

Without the first-hand experience of wearing glasses or contact lenses or having Laser Eye Surgery, it might have been difficult to understand exactly what his patients were thinking as they entered the operating room (though he still managed to perfect his approach to verbal anaesthesia).

But if there was one person who knew more than any that this ideal wouldn’t last forever, it’s Professor Reinstein. So, as his eyes began to succumb to the natural effects of ageing, he soon decided to go under the laser himself – and who better to perform his treatment than Glenn Carp?

Presbyopia inevitably affects everyone at some point in their lives, often between the ages of 40 and 50. Until relatively recently, the only solution to deteriorating vision was glasses or contact lenses. Then came the introduction of intra-ocular monovision lenses which offered an effective alternative – though it is still only tolerated in around 60% of patients.

Thankfully, Professor Dan was able to opt for a more innovative option – and one that he himself developed: PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision.

Carl Zeiss introduced this unique laser treatment into their laser platform for worldwide distribution in 2009. Since then, London Vision Clinic has corrected presbyopia in thousands of patients, including Professor Reinstein.

Today, both Glenn and Professor Reinstein are still enjoying living and working without the hindrance of glasses or contact lenses.

Sharing their Experience

Undoubtedly the experience has made it easier for both Glenn and Professor Dan to relate to the emotions of their patients. Glenn explains how he and the professor approach the procedure.

“It is a quick procedure – usually no more than 20 minutes for both eyes. Both the Prof and I are completely focused during that time on two things: number one is the actual surgery and number two the patient himself.

“Everybody is nervous – even I was nervous when I had my treatment – but it is a matter of picking up on the subtle signs that the patient is presenting with so that you can make sure you can make them as comfortable as possible and to give them the time and space they need to cope with each step of the procedure.

“We want the surgery to be successful – not just its outcome, but also the whole experience. We don’t want our patients to come out of it feeling as if they have had a rough ride. It should be a very gentle, easy-going experience… just a matter of lying down and looking at a little green flashing light and then, a few minutes later, sitting up and enjoying their new vision.”

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