Contact Lenses — How Much Could They Cost You?

It seems clear to think that contact lenses are more cost effective than Laser Eye Surgery—And they are, initially.

In recent years we have seen contact lenses become cheaper and evermore widely available. But price should not be the number one focus when caring for your eyes, and low upfront investments can distort perceptions of the real cost of contact lenses.

Adrian Knowles of the Eyecare Trust says,

“If you work out the cost of a year’s supply of daily disposable lenses, it comes out at about 90p per day.” On the surface this doesn’t sound like much, but over the course of a year this means you would be spending in excess of £325. People with astigmatism or other conditions may pay even more, and assuming there is no inflation, in fifteen years or less the accumulative cost of contact lenses will have reached around £5000, similar to the price of our standard Laser Eye Surgery treatment.

It’s worth calculating what you will spend on contact lenses over the next ten to twenty years to determine how much you could save by opting for Laser Eye Surgery.

However, as many of you will know, the cost of wearing contact lenses is not solely monetary. Having to remove your contacts before going to bed, waking up in the morning to a blurry alarm clock, and the occasional discomfort of irritable eyes, are just some of the more noticeable disadvantages of being a contact wearer.

On a more concerning level, wearing your contacts for too long, failing to clean them properly, or not replacing them as directed by your eye doctor, can all contribute towards long-term degradation of your eyesight.

One of the reasons for this is the lack of a good oxygen supply to the cornea, which is essential in maintaining healthy eyes. As contact lenses rest directly on the surface of the eye, covering the cornea, the amount of oxygen that reaches your eye is dramatically reduced.

Laser Eye Surgery is therefore not only more economical than using contact lenses, but also much more effective in terms of safeguarding your long-term eye health. And on top of this, as we will see, Laser Eye Surgery can also provide an unrivalled quality of vision.

Earlier this year beauty blogger Fleur DeForce spoke with us about her dislike of contact lenses and her subsequent experience of Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic.

Fleur was amazed by the results, and we constantly hear from clients who are astounded by the clearness of sight that Laser Eye Surgery has afforded them.

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