Have You Compared Laser Eye Surgery Costs With The Cost Of Contact Lenses?

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We’d be happy to discuss Laser Eye Surgery costs, payment options, including interest-free finance, with you either on the phone or in person.

You might have a fairly good idea of what Laser Eye Surgery costs.

But have you compared Laser Eye Surgery costs with the cost of contact lenses?

Many people who’ve had Laser Eye Surgery cite that saving money is a reason for their choice. Others, on the other hand, cite the cost as a deterrent to having Laser Eye Surgery.

In this article, we ask the question that most people can easily answer when they’re considering other assets (like a house purchase) – why rent, when you can own?

The Cost Of Contact Lenses

Would you rather have an asset or a liability? When it comes to housing – the answer seems clear. When it comes to vision, however, many don’t see things as clearly.

According to CMT-Optometrists, an independent optometric practice, there are three costs involved in contact lens wear.

  • 1. The actual cost of the contact lenses
  • 2. Contact lens fitting (performed by an optometrist), regular checks either every 6 or 12 months, and any appointments that may arise a complication of contact lenses
  • 3. The cost of contact lens solutions unless you wear daily disposable or continuous wear contact lenses

In total, the daily cost of wearing contact lenses can range significantly based on the above factors. However, one can calculate a range of contact lens costs fairly easily.

CMT-Optometrists took the above factors and calculated that the daily cost of wear was between:

  • 62p and 82p per day for Rigid lenses
  • 84p and £1 per day for Conventional soft lenses
  • and 77p to £1.40 for disposable soft lenses

We Calculate That The Yearly Cost Of Wear Of Contact Lenses Can Range Between £226.30 And £511 Per Year.

Assuming that these prices stay the same (and they likely will change due to inflation which the Office of National Statistics estimates is 4.5% per annum) the cost of wearing contact lenses over 10 years is between £2,263 and £5,110. With inflation, the cost in 2021 will be equivalent to £3,514.37 on the low side, and £7,935.67 on the high side (assuming a yearly inflation rate of 4.5%)

Comparing The Cost Of Contact Lenses With The Laser Eye Surgery Costs

When calculating the cost of contact lenses, it’s important to note that these costs continue well past 10 years and will likely increase over time. In fact, when taken over a lifetime, the actual costs of renting your vision are staggering.

The daily cost of Laser Eye Surgery on the other hand, is considerably less. Over the same 10-year period, the fees paid for Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic would amount to £1.26 per day. More than the low number for contact lenses, but less than the highest. Best of all, the effects of Laser Eye Surgery last considerably longer than 10 years (they’re permanent, although you may need additional surgery when you become presbyopic – called laser blended vision)

So, in a sense, many contact lenses are paying the equivalent of the fees for Laser Eye Surgery every 10 years, but not enjoying the benefits that can be accrued by having Laser Eye Surgery.

There is a clear analogy here with buying v renting a flat or house. When considering long term costs that accrue over time, why rent, when you can own?

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