Decisions, Decisions!

Relaxing on the comfortable leather sofa in the LVC reception area in London´s Devonshire Place  (this was before the move to Harley Street) it occurs to me that I am facing some rather pleasant decisions: which flavour of tea (it is an afternoon appointment and try to keep coffee for the mornings) will I select from an array extensive enough to suit any discerning palette; should I succumb today to the temptation of a chocolate biscuit, something more wholesome and healthy, or be strong- willed enough not to snack between meals; and then there´s the magazine rack overflowing with the latest editions of all my favourites…. ho hum, decisions, decisions. I find myself almost hoping that my appointment will be delayed allowing me to stay longer in this friendly haven.

As usual, I eye up my fellow patients and see that they fall into three categories – those considering Laser Eye Surgery. Spectacles still firmly in place and lists of carefully thought out questions for one of the dedicated Patient Education Consultants brimming behind them. Then there are those undergoing the pre-surgery tests -you can almost touch their apprehension and nervous excitement. I am tempted to interfere and reassure the woman next to me. Her eyes scrubbed clean of all make up look vulnerable and she is clearly very tense. I want to tell her not to worry. That reaching this point and signing the consent form are probably among the best decisions she will ever take. Unlike cosmetic surgery – or arguably any other elective procedure- binning the specs is going to give her endless joy and satisfaction every waking moment of the rest of her life. But before I can say anything she is whisked away to the skilful hands of Nikke, who I know from experience will deliver a fabulous and relaxing head and shoulder massage, then a piece of therapeutic chocolate prescribed for its “feel good” properties, before the operating theatre and a mere four minutes later a life free from glasses or contact lenses beckons.

Wow that was me a few months ago. Me and the other smug-looking patients waiting for various post op assessments. My only concern now is choosing between the white tea with pomegranate (a personal favourite) or the more warming ginger and lemon infusion … it is after all a rather chilly afternoon outside.