Eye Science: 1st Century Roots; Modern Day Impacts

“I wasn’t expecting pregnancy to affect my eyes” Loose Women’s, Jackie Brambles

ITV’s Loose Women host Jackie Brambles has suffered from short-sightedness since the age of 17, however as soon as she was pregnant, she started to have problems, inflamed and dry eyes and increasingly became dependant on her glasses.  She couldn’t wear contact lenses and her eye sight was deteriorating.  It is said that a hormone, progesterone could play a vital role in affecting eye sight during pregnancy.

Encouraged by Phillip Schofield’s successful and straightforward Laser Eye Surgery at the London Vision Clinic, she contacted the Professor Dan Reinstein for the treatment herself.  After a 10 minute surgery and 24 hour aftercare, she was able to read the paper without putting on her glasses!  Read more about Jackie’s experiences.

Can Laser Eye Surgery Improve Your Golf Game?

In golf the most minuscule margins make an impact on one’s game and can be the difference between heroes and villains.  Golfing is one of the times when we curse our poor vision.  It’s hard enough as it is to keep glasses perched on the end of your nose, so people have been forced to invest in contact lenses.  However, the continued battle of wearing contact lenses in strong winds, causing watery eyes, certainly makes for a struggling game.

Testimonials from some of the world’s leading golfers such as Tiger Woods, Lee Westwood, Padraig Harrington, Retief Goosen and others, suggests that Laser Eye Surgery can be an ideal cure, giving real improvements to one’s golf game.  Dramatic differences were exhibited on the greens, giving the ability to read the grain of the putting surface and being able to putt nicely having tear-free eyes whilst settling over the ball.  Read more about the world of golfing and eyesight.

Developments In Optometry Can Be Traced Back To The 1st Century AD

For as long as people have had vision problems, efforts have been made to correct them.  The earliest written record of magnification dates back to the 1st century AD when Seneca the Younger, a tutor of Emperor of Nero of Rome wrote “Letters, however small and indistinct, are seen enlarged and more clearly through a globe or glass filled with water”.

Spectacles were first worn by the rich or elderly in 1270 and the development of Laser Eye Surgery dates back to 1983. Today, approximately 100,000 people a year in UK opt for Laser Eye Surgery, leaving people with little discomfort and revolutionising modern living.  Read more about the history of optometry and more recent developments.

Lasers. They’re Not Just For Dr. Evil Anymore

It is amazing that the laser has only been around for about 50 years. Today, lasers are a part of every day lives, such as read/write heads in optical drives like DVDs and CDs, to laser printers, optical fiber networks and laser eye surgery.

The laser was a transformative technology in the 20th century and continues to enjoy wide application in many fields of human endeavour. Read more.