Hats And Glasses Do NOT Mix

Princess Beatrice
Princess Beatrice

The pluses of Laser Eye Surgery and ditching specs are numerous and varied.

Over the years I have spoken to many London Vision Clinic patients and heard about their delight at being able to focus clearly while swimming or skiing; insomniacs who can see the time on a bedside clock, the blossom on a tree in springtime; checking price tags and size labels on clothes while shopping or the control panel of our cars while driving,  menus in restaurants, text messages on phones, getting all  “steamed up” when opening a hot oven to check the cooking; and my own bête noire: deciding which bottle is shampoo and which holds the conditioner in hotel showers… (I can’t tell you the number of bad hair days I had when travelling before my operation to correct presbyopia).

The list goes on and on.

For many women, the bonuses also include a range of vanity-related advantages. In addition to the obvious aging effect of reaching for readers for anything that requires focussing closer than extended arm distance, how delightful to be able to see properly to apply our eye make-up (even if the unexpected appearance of high definition wrinkles gazing back at us from the mirror is an unfortunate by product).

Tara Palmer Tomkinson
Tara Palmer Tomkinson

There are many more aesthetic add-ons for women like me who need to satisfy their inner princess with hair accessories. This was especially highlighted at the Royal Wedding featuring all those amazing hats.

Millenary creations – whatever their style, from subtle fascinators to Philip Treacy extrovert masterpieces – do NOT mix with spectacles… unless you are the Queen. For everyone else the combination is a fashion faux pas equal only in its gravity to making wrong type of curtsy or using an incorrect fork at a royal banquet.

Let’s face it, it would be impossible to picture images of the ever-chic Victoria Beckham, socialite Tara Palmer Tomkinson (despite what looked like a bright blue shoe stapled to her forehead), or even the unfortunate headwear choices made by sisters Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice – all topping a bespectacled face.

Imagine if, taking this sad analogy even further, trying to nail the sartorial balance of specs, a tiara, veil  … and that second kiss on the balcony…

Perish the thought!