How Does Laser Eye Surgery Help Astigmatism?

Mr Glenn Carp – In patients with astigmatism, if they have regular astigmatism which can be treated by laser.  They will have a cornea which is shaped somewhat more like a rugby ball which is steep on one side and very flat over the other.  In these patients, the laser is able to reshape the cornea correcting for the steepness in one direction and therefore leaving the cornea in a much more regular, rounded, spherical shape, which allows for the correction in vision.

Laser Eye Surgery And Astigmatism Explained Further…

The blurring of small print, difficulty reading, the inability to see both near and far without squinting, constant headache and fatigue are all symptoms that will be familiar to someone suffering from astigmatismLaser Eye Surgery can usually alleviate these astigmatism conditions without the need to wear glasses or specialist contact lenses.

Mr Glenn Carp explains how Laser Eye Surgery helps astigmatism.

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My prescription was very unique being very long sighted and having a large astigmatism, so when I was told I was eligible for surgery at LVC I was very pleased. The procedure itself could not have gone more smoothly and it has absolutely changed my life being glasses and contact free. Strongly recommend!– Christie Mockford

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