How Does Laser Eye Surgery Help Presbyopia?

Mr Glenn Carp – “In presbyopia the muscles in the eye have weakened over the years and traditionally by around the age of 42 to 45 we will find insufficient muscle power to bring one’s focus from distance to near.  In PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision we are able to maximize someone’s reading by focusing their dominant eye more for distance and their non-dominant eye into a more comfortable reading position.  This allows the patient with both eyes together to have excellent distance and near vision with no need for any additional correction.”

Laser Eye Surgery And Presbyopia Explained Further…

Presbyopia sufferers often find the need to swap glasses in order to read or drive can become tiresome. However, the decision to undergo surgery to remove the inconvenience presbyopia causes is not a simple one and often comes down to personal preference.

So that presbyopic patients can decide if PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision suits their lifestyle and needs, London Vision Clinic can perform at test to simulate the effects of PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision laser treatment.

Mr Glenn Carp explains how Laser Eye Surgery helps presbyopia.

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I had no issues with wearing lenses, and was therefore a little apprehensive about lasik blended vision to correct my myopia/presbyopia. Having had the procedure done, it was worth every penny. I’m lens free, and well adjusted after only one month post procedure. Thank you Dan et al!!– Mark Selawry

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