In What Cases Would I Need To Have 24/7 Access To The Surgeon By Mobile Phone?

I think in all cases it is important to have full access to your surgeon after Laser Eye Surgery. Here at the London Vision Clinic, at the time of your surgery, on the day of your treatment you are given access to the surgeon’s mobile number. The idea behind this means they are able to assist if there is a medical emergency. They are the best equipped person to deal with any problems and would need to know about complications as early as possible. At the London Vision Clinic we also offer a 24 hour phone number service for patients making enquires that are not urgent, but just need advice. We believe that all patients should have access to their surgeons at any time after the procedure.

We provide our patients with their laser eye surgeon’s mobile phone number as an emergency point of contact should the patient feel that they require immediate medical attention. Having said that, it must be noted that emergencies are extremely rare.

Mr Glenn Carp talks about a patient’s access to their surgeon and the 24 hour after hour service at the London Vision Clinic.

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My eyeballs where very sensitive to touch probably due to not wearing contact lenses although I may have not been able to anyway. I was impressed with the way Dan handled this during the surgery regardless although I am still anxious as to whether my vision could be further improved. – Clifford Reiner

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