How Long Do Laser Eye Surgery Results Last?

Have you ever glanced down when you’re wandering the aisles and contemplated the various creams, lotions, vitamins and potions in your shopping basket? Ever wondered what the last anti-ageing product you will buy would be?

Surely, with all the talk and promises of products that can halt – and even reverse – the signs of ageing, surely one day, there will be a magic pill or cream that can leave even the oldest among us looking young and carefree.

Then again, if such an invention did come to existence, it would likely be kept a secret, reserved for only the wealthy and elite members of society – leaving us normal folk to slowly wither away. Or maybe it will be available at a huge premium, giving us access to the fountain of youth, but with the prospect of never having another holiday in our lives…

Anyway, let’s get back on topic – chances are, if you have looked down and thought about this in the middle of the aisle, you will have started getting some funny looks from other shoppers by now.

We might as well face it, we will likely all be buying products containing “special skincare ingredients” with names we can’t even pronounce for the rest of our lives. Thank God for Boots and its three for two offers and points cards, right?

But wait. There is one thing we can already do to turn back the clock – and its effects are permanent. Sceptical? Many people are when they learn that the effects of Laser Eye Surgery treatment last forever. You’re probably thinking: “Sure, permanent if you pay for a ‘top-up’ procedure every few years.” But nope! Just permanent, every time.

How Does it Work?

Anyone eligible for Laser Eye Surgery can expect their refractive error to be improved forever – with no weird requirements to live up to or follow-up procedures necessary.

The difference between Laser Eye surgery and all those products in your shopping basket is that, unlike them, Laser Eye Surgery creates a fundamental structural change. The most amazing thing? The procedure can be completed in the time it takes to make a cup of tea! No wonder Laser Eye Surgery has become so popular – with well over thirty million people how having had treatment.

Laser vision correction reshapes that eye and corrects refractive errors for good. This is done by remodelling the curvature of the cornea by removing a small amount of stromal tissue with a laser. Once this tissue is gone, it is gone forever so your eye is permanently fixed into its new shape.

Two things make this possible. Firstly – and most importantly, the eye is one of the body’s most accessible organs. This means that treating vision impairments is minimally invasive and causes only minor disruption. Furthermore, the cornea has incredible healing powers that promote a rapid recovery rate.

To put this into context: On one day you are once again getting frustrated with your glasses, and the next you are enjoying 20/20 vision – or better!

But, while the results of Laser Eye Surgery are permanent, that isn’t to say you will never need glasses again.

What’s the Catch?

Let’s go back to that basket full of anti-ageing products for a moment. Just like our skin, our eyes begin to deteriorate as we age. While Laser Eye Surgery corrects refractive errors such as long-sightedness, short-sightedness, and astigmatism, it cannot stop the natural deterioration of the eye.

This process is known as presbyopia and is caused by the gradual weakening of the muscles in the eye that allow us to change focus. Presbyopia reduces our ability to see things up close and traditionally leads to a reliance on reading glasses.

Luckily, today it can be addressed with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary procedure that allows you to enjoy youthful eyes for many more years, if not forever.

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