How long does Laser Eye Surgery last?

Wandering the aisles and looking down at my basket overflowing with various creams, vitamins, lotions, and potions, I thought to myself, what will be the last anti-ageing product I’ll ever buy?

With the stuff in the news reporting recent breakthroughs in the labs and the all the promising talk of halting and even reversing ageing, surely it’s only a matter of time before some magic pill or product hits the market that can forever give the most ancient lump of skin the appearance and biology of a taut and slender eighteen-year old.

But then again, if such a discovery was made, more likely it would be kept secret — it’s benefits reserved for astronauts, the military, and the elite classes. Or put on the market at a huge premium, giving us the option of either looking like a teenager or going on holiday ever again.

By this time I was getting strange looks and obstructing other shoppers. I stopped thinking and headed to the cashier.

Might as well face it: my fate was sealed to continue buying products full of things I can’t pronounce that I have no idea actually help or not. Thank God for Boots and their three for two offers and points card.

The reality is, it’s incredibly rare if not unheard of for a beauty product or procedure that you only need to buy once to have long-lasting or permanent effects.

So you can imagine when I heard the effects of Laser Eye Surgery were permanent, I was somewhat sceptical. I thought there must some hidden caveat or secret loophole that clinics were exploiting; like it’s permanent but only for 70-year-olds with a prescription 0f 0.25 and no history of illness. Or it’s permanent only if you have a top up procedure every few years and never go outside without dark-lensed glasses.

But to my surprise, there was none of that. Sure enough, the procedure was permanent for anyone who was eligible to have it — with no weird requirements to live up to or follow-up procedures necessary.

The thing is that, unlike most products and procedures that have a superficial or temporary effect on the body, Laser Eye Surgery creates fundamental structural changes. This is hard to believe for something that can be performed in the time it takes to make a cup of tea. But it’s the exact reason it’s so revolutionary and popular — with well over thirty million people having had the treatment.

Laser vision correction works by reshaping the eye and getting rid of refractive errors for good. It does this by remodelling the curvature of the cornea and removing a tiny, pre-determined amount of stromal tissue with a laser. Once this tissue is removed, it cannot grow back, and thus the eye is permanently fixed into its new shape.

Two things make this possible. Firstly, the eye is one of the most accessible organs of the body, and therefore treating it is relatively easy and causes minimal disruption. And secondly, the incredible healing powers of the cornea mean that it’s possible to access the stromal tissue responsible for refractive errors and adjust it, with minor disruption to the tissue above and a rapid rate of recovery.

To put that into context: one day you could be looking at a lifetime of glasses, and the next you could be enjoying 20/20 vision or better and knowing you’ll never have to worry about or fork out cash for your eyesight again.

But wait a minute, that’s not strictly true. Although the results of Laser Eye Surgery are permanent, that’s not to say they’ll last forever.

Just as we know — only too well — that the body’s ageing process trudges on despite our best efforts to stop it, it also continues to affect our ability to see well even after having Laser Eye Surgery. This process is known as presbyopia, and it’s caused by the gradual weakening of the muscles in the eye that allow us to change focus and see things up close.

Traditionally, presbyopia leads to the need for reading glasses. But today it can be addressed with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, a revolutionary procedure that can allow you to retain your youthful vision for many more years, if not forever.

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