Laser Eye Surgery risks

Search the web for Laser Eye Surgery and you’ll come across everything from tabloid articles titled “The Procedure That Ruined My Life” to companies touting money-back guarantees if you don’t achieve 100 percent perfect vision.

This can be incredibly frustrating if you’re researching Laser Eye Surgery and are simply trying to find out the facts. Things like how risky the surgery is, the chances of experiencing complications, and what the potential side effects may be.

On the one hand, you have stories indicating that you should avoid the procedure at all costs. But on the other, you have clinics claiming you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

A lot of people simply don’t want the hassle and so decide to put off having Laser Eye Surgery indefinitely. But that means missing out on its incredible benefits and having to put up with the miseries of glasses or contacts. 

So the question is, where does the truth lie? How much of what you’ve heard is just sensationalised stories and deceptive marketing? And how much of it is cold hard facts?

In the next few minutes, we’re going to separate some of the nonsense from the facts and help you get a solid understanding of the real risks of Laser Eye Surgery.

The actual chances of complications

The likelihood of complications arising during Laser Eye Surgery varies from clinic to clinic. But on the whole, in 2019, there’s an incredibly small chance of something happening that would cause the patient to leave the clinic with worse vision than when they went in.

When you add that to thorough preoperative testing, highly skilled surgeons, up to date equipment, and proper follow-up care, these chances drop even further. This means that at London Vision Clinic, it’s extremely unlikely that any problem wil arise that a surgeon can not satisfactorily correct.

In the above video, Prof Reinstein talks about the chance of complications during Laser Eye Surgery.

The low down on side effects

As your body is naturally responding to the procedure’s effects, there are one or two side effects that are a given after Laser Eye Surgery.

The main one of these is dry eye. Most patients experience dry eye after Laser Eye Surgery as a normal part of the recovery phase. It typically lasts from a few days to a few weeks, but in a small number of cases, it can persist longer. This is why we provide lubricating eye drops to all patients.

The second category of side effects that are common for patients to experience is night vision disturbances. For instance, you can see visual disruptions such as halos or starbursts around headlights and street lamps while driving.

Night vision disturbances are a temporary effect caused by the swelling of the cornea, and therefore, in the vast majority of cases, clear up within just a few weeks.

Other than that, nothing else really stands up when discussing the risks of Laser Eye Surgery.  You won’t experience any pain. There’s no way you can mess up the procedure. And there’s certainly no chance of going blind as a result of it.

The fact is, given a comprehensive screening, expert surgeons, and the latest technology, Laser Eye Surgery is the safest surgical procedure in the world.

But don’t take our word for it. Head on over to Trustpilot to check out some patient reviews, or if you’d like to book a consultation, contact one of our friendly clinic coordinators today.