LASIK Eye Surgery: The Fix To All Daily Struggles

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Have you ever felt the desire to read the Evening Standard without putting on glasses or even read a menu without pulling them out of your pocket?  You may not realize it but your eyes are an essential and important part of the body.  Simple daily gestures require the inconvenience of glasses and many people have made the step to get LASIK eye surgery to rid them.

Short And Sweet Facts About LASIK Eye Surgery

If you don’t have a whole lot of patience, and looking for something that is short and sweet, here are some facts that detail how simple and convenient the procedure is:

  • The procedure takes 15 minutes on each eye
  • The circular flap created is healed in just only a matter of a few hours
  • Short healing and recovery is only 2-3 days allowing you to return to work or leisure in a short amount of time

Let’s Talk About Benefits

For those who are hesitant about the procedure, LASIK eye surgery results from the London Vision Clinic have a success rate of 99.5%!  Considering that astounding fact, along with the benefit of not having to worry about glasses, there should be no reason not to consider LASIK eye surgery.  Furthermore, if you have a hectic work schedule or cannot afford a lot of time off then have no fear, the recovery period is only a few days,  not weeks or months.

Richard explains about his experience with LASIK eye surgery at the London Vision Clinic.  He says, “After umming & arring for years about LASIK, I finally went ahead last year with London Vision Clinic… London Vision Clinic are more expensive than most, but I think once you’ve decided to go ahead with LASIK, the cost should be secondary to the trust you have in the surgeon.”

If you are tired of your contact lenses or glasses, and you are in need of a simple procedure that has nearly perfect results and a short recovery time, then please contact us today to discuss the possibility of having Laser Eye Surgery.