Lazy Eye And Astigmatism, A Reason For Laser Eye Surgery?

Two common issues that result in people’s ultimate decision to go through with Laser Eye Surgery are a lazy eye or astigmatism. In most cases, they are common and relatively minor vision impairments. However, in some cases, they are more noticeable and can highly affect one’s quality of life. It is a common misconception that either of these issues are contraindication to having Laser Eye Surgery. Here are two of our patients that can prove otherwise:

Image of astigmatism and lazy eye

Richard skeptically threw around the idea of LASIK for years. He grilled everyone he met who had had the procedure. He spent hours doing online research. He wanted to know everything; the limitations, the possible complications, the benefits, the success stories, and the failures. Whatever he searched, where ever he looked, London Vision Clinic was constantly popping up. His eye sight was +4. He had both a lazy eye and an astigmatism. One day, he’d had enough. He decided to set up a consultation. Sure, they were more expensive, but he felt no pressure. To Richard, the cost was second to improving the quality of his life.

Richard indicated that his surgeon, Glenn Carp answered every question that he had and felt that the information that was provided, as well as the manner in which it was covered was far more extensive than he imagined. He was happy with everything from the procedure, the character of the staff, and the follow-up appointments. Six months after the procedure, and he cannot believe that he tolerated glasses for so many years!

Image of telephone contact us

Farrah, prior to finding London Vision Clinic, she had been told that Laser Eye Surgery wasn’t for her. Four years after her Laser Eye Surgery, she is still thrilled that she doesn’t have to deal with glasses and contact lenses – a huge improvement for someone with a high prescription and astigmatism prior to surgery.

If you are one of the many people who have been told that you aren’t a candidate for corrective eye surgery, because of your astigmatism or lazy eye, consider giving London Vision Clinic a call. We very well may have a different opinion.