Meet Some of the Patients Who Have Been Liberated by Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery is a truly life-changing procedure that can improve practically every aspect of your life. It’s no surprise, then, that many patients who have gone ahead with the treatment describe it as liberating – even if they struggled with the decision to go ahead to start with!

After all, deciding to have any kind of elective surgery can be tough. And when it comes to something as important as our eyes, it can be all the more difficult. But sometimes, we just need a little nudge, preferably in the form of expert guidance and helpful resources, to make up our minds.

Of course, what can be most convincing are first-hand accounts from people who have had Laser Eye Surgery themselves. So, let’s meet some of the London Vision Clinic patients who have been liberated from irritating glasses and fiddly contact lenses!

We’re grateful to have almost 2,000 reviews on Trustpilot from our lovely patients, including…

Sophie P. had her Laser Eye Surgery procedure back in 2022 and was delighted with the experience from start to finish. Despite being somewhat nervous at the start of her journey, she notes that everything was explained clearly and professionally.

“I’m so thrilled to be free of my glasses and I’m very happy with the result! I have no hesitation in thoroughly recommending the London Vision Clinic.”

Glyn visited our Harley Street clinic in 2021 to see if we could treat his presbyopia. Despite having had good eyesight all his life, Glyn found that the signs of ageing were gradually leaving him – like so many of us – reliant on reading glasses. While he was “massively concerned” about the procedure, his nerves were soon settled after his initial assessment.

“On the day of the procedure, I was very nervous but the level of professionalism was exceptional and calmed me. The procedure was over in such a short time and I am now glasses-free and very happy!”

Frederica M. had high-profile Laser Eye Surgery in 2021 on account of having a high prescription for myopia as well as thin corneas. Having reached a point where she needed to add a pair of glasses to cope with the effects of presbyopia, she decided to go ahead with ReLEx SMILE with PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision at the London Vision Clinic.

“I am now completely free of glasses. From day one until my last aftercare appointment, I felt I have been in excellent hands and I would recommend the clinic to anyone who is thinking about Smile and Blended Vision.”

Wayne C. is an eye surgeon who has previously undergone Conductive Keratoplasty (CK) treatment that had unfortunately regressed. Given the option for LASIK, with or without PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision, Wayne decided to go ahead and correct both his regressed vision and presbyopia in 2018.

“The surgery was quick, painless, and delivered an outcome beyond my wildest dreams. I have excellent spectacle-free distance and near vision with no regression after nearly 3 years. Highly recommended!”

Peter S. had ReLEx SMILE treatment with Mr. Glenn Carp in 2022 to correct his high prescription for short-sightedness (-7.5). He had previously been told his prescription was too high, meaning he decided he would settle for even a partial correction. However, after the procedure, it soon became clear that his treatment had granted him better vision than was even achieved by glasses and contact lenses!

“You may think the novelty would wear off, but it doesn’t. I’m constantly surprised by what seems like new levels of vision and clarity – from sharp landscapes, to clearer written text, even colours that seem more vivid.

I haven’t looked back for a moment, and couldn’t have been happier to have gone through corrective surgery, and to have chosen to make that journey with London Vision Clinic.”

At London Vision Clinic we aim to provide you all the information you need to ensure you make an informed decision before going ahead with Laser Eye Surgery.

In addition to our extensive online resources, you are welcome to get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators at any time. Alternatively, Book a Consultation to start your journey to a liberated life free from glasses and contact lenses!