Life Changing Laser Eye Surgery 

Laser Eye Surgery stands to be the single best decision of your life. Most patients experience an improvement in every aspect of their lives, from sports to driving to simple tasks like reading and distinguishing between bottles in the shower. But you don’t have to take my word for it…

After a year of researching the procedure, Sean realized that one clinic was mentioned more than the rest, London Vision Clinic. At long last, Sean took the leap and made an appointment for a nonobligatory consultation. The medical professionals of London Vision Clinic determined that he was eligible for the procedure and, realizing that he was in good hands, Sean decided to go through with the procedure. After the recovery process he celebrated his new eyes with a night out with his friends at Piccadilly Circus. Three years have come and gone and he enjoys life so much more without having to worry about contact lens and glasses. He encourages anyone even remotely curious about the procedure to take the first step towards the rest of their lives and make an appointment for a consultation.

Kim said that London Vision Clinic’s staff could not have been more obliging. She noticed how they were professional and the entire clinic was immaculate. For her, London Vision Clinic was worth every penny since everything about the clinic screams customer satisfaction. The staff kept themselves readily available to answer any questions that she had both before and after the procedure. In fact, her surgeon actually texted her the afternoon following her procedure just to check in on her. She thanks the clinic for not only transforming her life, but making her feel better about herself.

Susan struggled with multifocal glasses and reading glasses. She was constantly misplacing them. She gave up on using a computer, feeling that it was hopeless because the screen was constantly in and out of focus. It was the same case with her mobile phone so she never bothered texting. Furthermore, shopping was an exhausting ordeal since she couldn’t see the use by dates and it wasn’t any better when she was cooking. Since her corrective eye procedure, Susan has been able to join the 21st century and cooking is less of a hassle. Her surgery transformed every aspect of her life from cooking to showering. She called the procedure painless and the staff friendly and helpful.

If you have been contemplating Laser Eye Surgery for a while, but are afraid or worried that it isn’t even a viable option for you, then consider giving us a call and we’ll be happy to help. Give us a chance to put your concerns at ease and answer all of your unanswered questions. It could be the first step towards the rest of your visually clearer and more satisfying life.