Meet Glenn Carp: One of the UK’s most highly trained laser eye surgeons

There are few people in the industry who’ve worked at over a handful of leading hospitals, won multiple awards for research and performance, and are members of too many professional organisations to mention.

But Glenn Carp is a rarity. Long before kicking off his career as an Ophthalmic Senior House Officer at Johannesburg Hospital, he was passionate about Ophthalmology. In his first medical role post-training, he’d often perform complex eye surgeries like cataract extractions and take after hours calls of ophthalmic emergencies.

And it didn’t take long for this dedication to be recognised. During his four-year specialist registrar training at Africa’s largest eye hospital, he received two awards: The Tetski Patterson Award for clinical research, and the Elie Dahan Registrar of the Year award for outstanding performance.

In the years that followed, Mr Carp moved to the UK and continued to excel in the field, working as a doctor at several major hospitals including Worcester Royal Hospital, Preston Royal Hosptial, Maidstone General Hospital, and The Western Eye Hospital in London.

While working at The Western Eye Hospital, he was selected for a prestigious one-year fellowship in Cornea and Anterior Segment Pathology and Surgery. It was after this training he was chosen to undertake an eighteen-month fellowship in Laser Refractive Surgery with Professor Dan Reinstein at the London Vision Clinic. In 2006, Prof. Reinstein performed LASIK surgery on Mr Carp.

Knowing that I’m working to the best medical standard in the industry allows me to live in accordance with my values of accountability and responsibility… I’m using the best available technology (beyond the industry standard), and being able to apply my medical treatments to the highest possible ethical standard is highly motivating.” — Mr Glenn Carp

This is just a smidgen of the work that led to where he is today: performing LASIK, ReLEx SMILE, and PRK surgery at the London Vision Clinic. Because of his broad experience and unique commitment to the field, he is the other surgeon of the team, alongside the founder, Prof Reinstein. In fact, it was concluded in a study conducted to measure Mr Carp’s and Professor Reinstein’s surgical outcomes, that both surgeon’s produced statistically comparable results.

Similarly, another study found both surgeons LASIK procedure time to be highly consistent, differing only from the length of surgeon conversation with patients rather than by physical surgical steps. And if that wasn’t proof enough, Mr Carp recently performed Professor Reinstein’s own PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision procedure!

Despite his impressive credentials and impossibly long C.V, Mr Carp does have a life outside of surgery. See him away from the clinic and he’ll likely be fly-fishing, travelling with his wife, or taking a few snaps with his DSLR.

Download Mr Carp’s CV.

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