Meet One Of London’s Best Eye Surgeons, Glenn Carp

Best eye surgeon image

With years of practice and successful surgeries under his belt, Mr. Glenn Carp has emerged as one of the best eye surgeons in London.  His extensive experience debuts from South Africa where he began his passion for ophthalmology.  In addition, he enjoys many adventurous pursuits making him a well rounded top eye surgeon. Mr. Carp’s journey to the top of the ophthalmology field began thousands of miles away from London in South Africa.  He rose through the ranks at hospitals due to his commitment and dedication to be the leading specialist in the field. In 2005, he joined London Vision Clinic through a fellowship and soon after became an integral part of the London Vision Clinic team.  Today he performs PRK and Laser Eye Surgery and is one of the UK’s leading LASIK eye surgeons.  Furthermore, he is associated with many professional organisations including The Ophthalmological Society of South Africa (OSSA) and the South African Society for Prevention of Blindness.

Mr Glenn Carp: The Adventure Man

In addition to his successful career, Mr. Carp has many qualities that one would hope to find in an eye surgeon.  Besides correcting his patients vision everyday, Mr. Carp has a fascinating background that stems from his time in South Africa.  He enjoys fly fishing and scuba diving into the deep water as well as 4×4 racing.  Furthermore, he enjoys photography and capturing those images wherever he travels.  So, if you ever need any travel advice or tips if you are heading to South Africa he would be a fascinating person to talk to!

Mr. Carp’s professionalism and success has been felt by all of his patients.  Heather sings her praise by saying, “Mr Glenn Carp was reassuring from our first meeting and during the procedure, which was painless…Eighteen months on I still marvel at the clarity of my vision and feel so fortunate that I was able to entrust this transformational surgery to Mr Carp. I am eternally grateful to all those involved.”