What Are The Common Side Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery?

Most people will see an immediate improvement in their vision after laser eye surgery. For those who have spent a lifetime wearing glasses and/or contact lenses to correct poor eyesight, this new clarity of vision can be an overwhelmingly joyous sensation.

Some people will also experience mild side effects – these are usually minor and rarely last longer than a few weeks or months.

Some Of The Most Common Side Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery Are:

Light Sensitivity

Light sensitivity after laser eye surgery is very normal, and usually settles within 12-24 hours. Everyone’s eyes are different and heal at different rates, so sometimes light sensitivity can last for a few weeks. The majority of patients find that this is a minor symptom, and only need to wear sunglasses on the day of surgery itself.

Halos And Starbursts Around Lights

Halos are where rings appear around light sources, and ‘starbursts’ cause glare around lights. For some people, these are part of the healing process after laser eye surgery. The surface the cornea is re-shaped during surgery, so the way you perceive light changes. During this period of adjustment & healing, starbursts and halos are common, but they usually only last for a couple of weeks, or up to a few months in some cases.

Dry Eyes

Most people will have dry eyes post laser eye surgery. In the vast majority of cases, this is easily treated with lubricating eye drops, and tends to gradually disappear. If you have an increased risk of experiencing persistent dry eye after laser eye surgery, this would usually be known about pre-operatively, and discussed with you in detail.

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What Are The Common Side Effects Of Laser Eye Surgery?

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