Where Does My Laser Eye Surgery Treatment Take Place?

Once you have overcome the pressing issues concerning your upcoming Laser Eye Surgery treatment, such as confirming your suitability for the procedure, addressing any anxieties you might have, and settling on your provider, you might start to wonder more about the practical side of your treatment. For example, how will you get home from the clinic? Or, for that matter, where will your treatment take place?

Of course, the answer to this question will first and foremost depend on the Laser Eye Surgery provider you decide to go with – that is, whether you opt for a high street provider, a private hospital, or an independent clinic. However, there are some commonalities, no matter where you go for your treatment.

First of all, the treatment room in any Laser Eye Surgery clinic/hospital will resemble an operating theatre. You will share the room with various pieces of high-tech equipment and, hopefully, a friendly expert Laser Eye Surgeon.

Aside from that, there isn’t much else you will need, right? Well, not exactly.

A clinic that goes above and beyond

With decades of experience in the Laser Eye Surgery field, we have spent countless hours and resources refining the patient experience at our clinic. The London Vision Clinic is now known around the world, not only for delivering the best possible outcomes and patient experiences but also for the welcoming design of our state-of-the-art clinic, situated in London’s world-renowned medical centre, Harley Street.

From this highly respected hub of medical history, our expert surgeons conduct all of our refractive treatments, from Laser Eye Surgery to Cataract Surgery. But let’s get back to your treatment. What can you expect in our Harley Street treatment rooms?

Personalised Technology and Service

Every aspect of our clinic has been carefully considered to ensure the very best patient experience. From your first steps through the door to the welcoming clinic reception, and right through to the treatment room, we want to ensure every patient feels at ease throughout the entire process.

While most patients will only be in there for a matter of minutes, our treatment rooms are designed to make you feel comfortable enough to stay for hours. Paired with complementary chocolates, a relaxing head massage, and the gentle guidance of your expert surgeon, many of our patients say the whole experience was more of a pleasure than a worry!

Personalised treatment – from start to finish

We understand that every patient – just like their eyes – is unique. That’s why we offer not only 100% tailored treatment plans to every patient, but the services to match.

Compared with other Laser Eye Surgery providers, London Vision Clinic has a very high staff-to-patient ratio. This means that a friendly face will always be on hand to offer guidance and resources, or simply to have a nice chat! From your very first visit to London Vision Clinic for your initial consultation, right through to your final aftercare appointment (all of which is included in the cost of your treatment), we will strive to make you feel at home.

On the day of your treatment, your personal Patient Care Coordinator and our team of skilled staff will make sure everything is fully in order and you’re as comfortable as can be. Once your treatment is over (which will feel like the blink of an eye – pardon the pun), we can provide all the support you need in arranging your ride home and even a hotel for the night.

So, where will your treatment take place? Well, if you decide to go ahead with London Vision Clinic, in a comfortable and welcoming clinic in the heart of London’s medical centre – what could be more reassuring?

If you’d like to learn more about your treatment at London Vision Clinic, one of our friendly clinic coordinators is always on hand to help – get in touch today. Or Book a Consultation today to find out if Laser Eye Surgery could be right for you.