Getting Better Laser Eye Surgery Results: Choosing The Best Laser Eye Surgeon

Since Laser Eye Surgery has become an established method for correcting a range of vision impairments, it has become a mainstream treatment option for a vast number of eye surgery clinics.

When Selecting Your Eye Surgeon, It Is Useful To Consider The Following Factors To Indicate Whether Or Not Your Provider Is Among The Best: The amount of choice available is huge, and Laser Eye Surgery results vary between surgeons. It is therefore important to consider the information from the clinics and make an informed decision in choosing the best laser eye surgeon.

  • Expertise and experience: Examine how much experience the eye surgeon has.  How many surgeries have been performed?  Ideally, you should seek surgeons who have performed a minimum of 1,000 surgeries and provide evidence of success rates.  It is wise to enquire about their credentials and ensure they are up to date.  At London Vision Clinic, Professor Dan Reinstein is one of the few Ophthalmic Surgeons in the UK to dedicate his professional life to this field.  His contribution has significantly refined and advanced the technology and techniques of laser eye surgery.
  • Patient care levels and commitment: Does the clinic provide a high standard of aftercare service?  As with any surgery, there are potential risks involved and so a decent level of aftercare service is vital.  It is important to gain an understanding of how these potential complications are dealt with.  The levels of commitment from the London Vision Clinic are superior.  Each patient is treated with utmost individuality and given a comprehensive and detailed aftercare service to ensure safe and successful recovery after the surgery.
  • Laser Eye Surgery results and technology: Results can vary between surgeons and the severity of vision impairment in patients.  It is important to take time out to examine the results in detail.  Ensure that you seek evidence of surgeon’s success rates and in different patient groups.  Ensure you examine the results comparative to the technology being used also.  At the London Vision Clinic we have an open attitude to discuss risks and results are provided for each type of prescription range.
  • Patient history and testimonials: The surgeon should be willing to disclose patient history and provide a range of testimonials.  The comments and patients perspective of the experience can provide a good idea of the process, benefits and success of the surgeon.
  • Technology: Ideally you want to choose the best surgeon operating with the best equipment.   Laser Eye Surgery uses specialist devices in order to screen patients, make pre-operative assessments, provide the treatment and to provide post-operative care.  Examine results for different technology.  At the London Vision Clinic, we use a selection of the best ophthalmic technology based on years of pioneering ophthalmic research.

If you are considering Laser Eye Surgery it is worth taking time out to choose the right eye surgeon. Laser Eye Surgery results are highly dependent on your choice of surgeon.