Can I Take a Tranquilizer or Sedative (i.e. Valium) Before The Procedure?

Do I have to be awake during the procedure?

It’s the question on many people’s lips when they start researching Laser Eye Surgery. Encountering some fear and resistance about the procedure, they think if only they could take a valium, have a few strong gins, or be completely knocked out then they would have it done no problem.

However, things like general anaesthesia have their own risks, not to mention they can significantly increase the costs. But the main reason isn’t either of these reasons. The fact is, they’re simply not necessary.

That’s not to say you shouldn’t and won’t be anxious about the procedure. It’s perfectly normal to be a little nervous before such a life-changing treatment as Laser Eye Surgery. Especially as it involves one of our most precious organ systems.

However, Laser Eye Surgery is a completely safe and pain-free procedure, and so there isn’t anything you really need to be asleep for or worry about. What’s more, when delivered in an environment and by a staff that is highly knowledgable and caring, you will feel calm and assured and without the need for any sort of sedative.

But still, do I really have to be awake during Laser Eye Surgery?

Mr Glenn Carp explains the range of options available if a sedative is necessary before Laser Eye Surgery.

Okay, so Laser Eye Surgery is quick, painless, and can even be pleasant. Not least because almost immediately after the procedure, you’ll notice its incredible effects and an increase in your visual acuity.

With that being said, there is the option, for anyone who feels it is necessary, to take oral sedatives before the procedure. This is typically only the case for patients who feel particularly anxious and are in need a helping hand to relax.

As expert laser eye surgeon Mr Glenn Carp states, the majority of people accept that this the procedure is very quick, less than 15 minutes, and completely painless. It is generally the ideas or notions people have about the treatment that scare them most, and once they’ve spoken to an expert like Mr Glenn Carp and become more familiar with the clinic and procedure, they begin to settle and trust in the process.

As you would expect, we thus also advise you don’t indulge in tranquillizers or sedatives before the procedure. You will need to be examined by your laser eye surgeon and be alert to go through the informed consent process.

If you’re still anxious about Laser Eye Surgery, you don’t have to keep it to yourself. It’s extremely rare for a patient to be so nervous that they need a tranquillizer or sedative during the procedure. However, there are always options available, and as fear is the number one reason many people don’t have the treatment, we advise everyone who has such hesitations to not be controlled by it and reach out.

If you would like to find out more about the Laser Eye Surgery process or book your consultation, speak with one of our friendly, expert clinic coordinators today.