Can I Take A Tranquilizer Or Sedative (i.e. Valium) Before The Procedure?

We advise all patients before the treatment that should they require something to relax them, it is available to them.  We provide oral relaxants half an hour before the procedure to those patients who are particularly anxious.  Having said that, the majority of people will accept that this is a very quick, less than 15 minute, procedure, completely painless and they prefer not to be sedated in any way so as to enjoy the after-effects afterwards because the results are direct.  There is no delay in terms of response to the actual treatment, the vision is available straight away.

More About Tranquilisers And Sedatives…

We advise you not to take a tranquiliser or sedative before the procedure as you will need to be examined by your laser eye surgeon and will need to be alert to go through the informed consent process. It is extremely rare for a patient to be so nervous that they need a tranquiliser or sedative during the procedure, however, if you would like to discuss this with your laser eye surgeon prior to the actual treatment, you are encouraged do so at that time.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the range of options available only if needed as sedative for Laser Eye Surgery.

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“Terrified of the surgery but it was not painful and afterwards had minimal discomfort. Very quickly adapted to life without glasses although strange at first. Great having highlights and could carry on reading because didn’t have to remove glasses!! Able to read texts adn reply etc. Bliss Bliss! However distance still bit blurry but improving daily.” -Patricia Torrance.
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Can I Take A Tranquilizer Or Sedative (i.e. Valium) Before The Procedure? [video]

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