Never wear glasses or contact lenses again

In the early hours of January 1st this year, after one too many gin tonics, my friend slipped on some ice, faceplanted the pavement, chipped her front tooth, and received her first gift of the New Year: a grade III ankle sprain. Normally incredibly active and incapable of sitting still for thirty seconds, she was bound to crutches for nearly two months.

That meant no sport, exercise, or even skipping up the stairs. Or in her words, “This year is cursed I can’t do anything that makes my life worth living.”

Being able to move and engage in life with her whole body was the most important thing to her, and there were many moments she was close to hitting rock bottom. But she held on thanks to one piece of knowledge: it wasn’t going to last forever and she’d soon be able to enjoy her life freely again.

Of course, not all of us are lucky enough to live a life unhindered by medical aids after an accident or affliction. And so, we learn to adjust. However, there are many of us in this category who have simply become used to their assisted and somewhat lesser version of their lives, forgetting what life was like before, or, in some cases, not knowing what life could be like. The best example of whom is those who wear glasses or contact lenses.

Rediscover what it’s like to see and interact with the world without medical aid and digest our top five perks of having Laser Eye Surgery:

1. Convenience

Can you imagine waking up tomorrow and seeing clearly without first scrambling for your glasses or going to the bathroom to put in your lenses? What about going for a weekend away without packing emergency pairs and/or your contacts kit? It’s only once you’re free of all this hassle you’re able to truly enjoy the freedom of heightened vision.

2. Peripheral vision

Eyes are spherical for a reason — they allow us to see from many different angles, not just straight ahead. But if your vision is limited by two rectangular frames, your peripheral vision will be limited. Regain your natural wide angle vision and improve your ability to spot oncoming threats, cross the road, compete in sports, and meet eyes with that mysterious, attractive stranger.

3. Endless fashion options

Why limit yourself to one style? Many people have Laser Eye Surgery for the practicality and flexibility of being able to choose when they wear glasses. No more worrying about the colour clashing with your outfit, and there’s still the option of looking a tad more intellectual when out on a date.

4. Eye irritation

Many people think occasional eye irritation and dryness from contact lenses is normal, but really it’s unhealthy and puts the wearer at risk of more severe conditions. The fact is a lot of people simply don’t tolerate lenses — particularly those with sinus-related conditions like hayfever. Laser Eye Surgery eliminates the associated problems and improves overall eye health.

5. Time and energy

What most people would do to regain lost time. But if you’re a contact or glasses wearer, you could reclaim the hours and hours you’re going to spend putting in lenses, trying to find lost glasses, visiting the opticians, and pulling out your hair. Imagine what you could do with all that extra time and energy! You will obviously have to continue your general eye health checks at the optometrists once every two years following Laser Eye Surgery.

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