Would you try Laser Eye Surgery? [VIDEO]

There are countless things that would all jump at the chance of doing were we given the opportunity. From visiting Machu Picchu or the Taj Mahal to swimming with dolphins or even skydiving.

But what about Laser Eye Surgery?

We confess. It isn’t the most glamorous bucket list item but, just think: none of the other once-in-a-lifetime experiences we have mentioned would be half as good with blurry vision.

So, we ask again: if you were given the opportunity to have Laser Eye Surgery, would you take it?

Just imagine the chance to live without cumbersome glasses or delicate, fiddly, and risky contact lenses; being free to do any sport or activity you choose – and to do so freely without the limits that are cruelly forced upon you by poor vision.

Still on the fence?

Still not convinced? Well, what if we told you that your vision correction would be carried out by one of the world’s most experienced and accomplished Laser Eye surgeons? With the most advanced technology and equipment? Performing a cutting-edge procedure that takes just seconds to complete?

With this level of expertise and safety, you’d be crazy not to, right?

In the video below, we see Professor Reinstein demonstrate just how quick and easy your journey to clear vision could be.

New vision and a new lease of life

In the video above, our founder, Professor Dan Reinstein performs Laser Eye Surgery on one of our happy patients. We get to see her reaction when she opens her eyes for the first time after the procedure.

Prof Reinstein: “How many years have you been short-sighted?”

Patient: “About 15 years.”

Prof Reinstein: “So 15 years of blindness can be treated in about 30 seconds.”

An ultra-precise laser removes a super thin layer of cornea.

Prof Reinstein: “How was that?”

Patient: “It was surprisingly OK.”

Prof Reinstein: “So how was it different than you expected?”

Patient: “Really quick, really quick.”

As Prof Reinstein mentions, Laser Eye Surgery had, at the time of filming, been around for over 25 years. Now, it has been over 30 years, and the industry has only continued to advance.

But, even back in the early days, Laser Eye Surgery was successful at freeing tens of thousands of patients from poor vision. Nowadays, there are more varied treatments available, meaning more people than ever before, with a wider range of refractive errors, can reap the benefits of this amazing procedure.

Find out more about ReLEx SMILE: The latest innovation in Laser Eye Surgery to learn how treatment is becoming less invasive and more precise.

Have you decided to give Laser Eye Surgery a go? Book a Consultation today. If you’d like to discuss your options, get in touch with our friendly clinic coordinators.