Would you try Laser Eye Surgery?

Given the opportunity to have Laser Eye Surgery would you take it?

Just think.

A chance to live a life without the need for cumbersome glasses or delicate and risky contact lenses; free to do any sport or activity you please and enjoy it without the limits and accompanying problems of poor vision.

Still on the fence?

How about if it was with one of the world’s most experienced and most accomplished laser eye surgeons, using only the most advanced measurement and laser equipment, performing a cutting edge procedure that takes just a matter of seconds to complete?

With this level of expertise and safety, you’d be crazy not to.

Check out the video below to see Professor Reinstein of London Vision Clinic perform ReLEx SMILE Laser Eye Surgery on a lucky patient live:

New vision and a new lease of life

Prof Reinstein: “How many years have you been short-sighted?”

Patient: “About 15 years.”

Prof Reinstein: “So 15 years of blindness can be treated in about 30 seconds.”

An ultra-precise laser removes a super thin layer of cornea

Prof Reinstein: “How was that?”

Patient: “It was suprisingly OK.”

Prof Reinstein: “So how was it different than you expected?”

Patient: “Really quick, really quick.”

As Prof Reinstein mentions in the video, Laser Eye Surgery has been around for 25 years. When it first arrived, it was able to free many patients from the woes of poor vision. Since that time, Laser Eye Surgery has only got better and better. It is now safer, faster, able to treat a wider range of refractive errors, and takes a fraction of the time to recover from.

Read more about the new ReLEx SMILE procedure, a low invasive and ultra precise form of Laser Eye Surgery.

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