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You wouldn’t think it, but working as a freelancer there are many times I miss being in a big office and working under the iron thumb of a boss.

For one, I wouldn’t suddenly decide to take an extended lunch break when I have a deadline to meet the next morning; they also probably wouldn’t stand for my clothes rack/kitchen counter/desk either. But the main impact having a stern face looming over me would be in cutting down the endless hours I spend — or would that be waste? — scrolling through Facebook.

I wouldn’t call it an addiction, but if someone was to shadow me for a week with the goal of figuring out what I do for a living, they’d likely come to the conclusion I’m either a Private Investigator, unemployed, or some kind of social media researcher.

But credit where credit is due. While browsing the largest social media platform in the world, I’m not just trolling the pages of former classmates and shaking my head at the political inclinations of colleagues. Facebook has grown way beyond just a place to kill time. Today it’s a news outlet, video platform, games centre, shopping destination, and most interestingly, a rapidly growing business hub.

In the olden days, when searching for a business to service a particular need, you’re best bet was to roll up your sleeves, slap the big fat yellow pages on the table, and start making a few calls. In 2017 Facebook is becoming the new and improved yellow pages, replacing a small description and maybe a black and white photo with Likes, reviews, opening hours, status updates, and instant messaging.

Unlike the old-fashioned route, using Facebook will give you a detailed and unbias idea of the quality and service offerings of a business within minutes. You can even speak directly with staff and receive responses to enquiries or concerns just as quickly.

Head on over to our Facebook page and you’ll find everything from in-depth patients reviews like Claire’s, exclusive interviews with expert surgeons, updates on Prof Dan Reinstein’s upcoming jazz performances, and even live streams of treatments performed at our Harley Street clinic. Oh, and the occasional power cut notice.

An especially nice feature of Facebook is their business review system. When a company receives a review from someone, it links to their Facebook profile so other users know exactly who left it. In this way, you can discover a review from someone you know or a friend of a friend, and avoid the trap of false reviews.

And if that wasn’t enough, our Facebook page also links with TrustPilot, the leading independent review site, where patients like Shannon leave revealing accounts of their experiences:

“I cannot describe the level of gratitude I have for all the staff at London Vision Clinic. LVC is one of, if not the best LASIK clinic in terms of their attention to detail… There is nothing I can find to fault regarding the staff, nor the treatment itself. I am so thankful for both perfect sight and a perfect experience!”

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