What Are London Vision Clinic’s Results With Hyperopic (Long-Sighted) Patients?

Mr Glenn Carp – “In terms of Laser Eye Surgery, long-sighted treatments have come a long way over the years.  Many clinics around the world today are still not able to treat into the high ranges of long-sightedness or hyperopia and that is basically by virtue of the technology that is available to those clinicians.  With modern day lasers, the current 2011 lasers, we are able to treat very high prescriptions right up into the +6, 6.5 range and get consistent good results.”

Results With Hyperopic (Long-Sighted) Patients Explained Further…

Hyperopic patients at London Vision Clinic perform exceptionally well when compared to data concerning hyperopia published in scientific literature or presented at major medical conferences.

Over 98% of hyperopia patients achieve “20/32″ vision – better eyesight than the UK driving standard of 20/40. Indeed, the results for hyperopia patients with prescriptions up to +2.00 dioptres are even better with 97% of them reaching “20/20″ vision.

Mr Glenn Carp discusses London Vision Clinic’s results with hyperopic (long-sighted) patients.

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