What Are The Alternatives To Treating Astigmatism?

Mr Glenn Carp Astigmatism can be treated using laser technology on the surface of the eye through PRK or LASIK or alternatively can be corrected with lenses inside the eye.  These lenses can be positioned either clipped onto the iris or they can be positioned behind the iris, between the iris and the lens, or actually by replacing the lens itself.  In all cases these lenses are positioned at a certain angle to allow for the disease to be corrected and neutralise the effects of the disease on the cornea itself.

Alternatives To Treating Astigmatism Explained Further…

Treating the disease is slightly more complex than treating either myopia or hyperopia because it requires correction in more than one plane. Think of myopia or hyperopia as an eye that is simply ‘out of tune’ – like a poorly focused telescope. It is on the other hand is more akin to distorted glass – any correction must take account of every astigmatic distortion. Optometrists traditionally have treated the disease by the use of cylindrical lenses, in the form of either glasses or contact lenses. In the hands of a laser eye surgeon, it is possible to correct astigmatic vision using LASIK or PRK.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the alternatives to treating astigmatism.

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