What Are The Alternatives To Treating Hyperopia?

Mr Glenn Carp – “The alternatives to treating hyperopia from a laser point of view are to use intraocular lenses inside the eye.  In longsighted patients they tend to have shorter eyes or very flat corneas and therefore, the alternatives really are to either steepen the cornea with the laser or you can insert a contact type lens inside the eye.  These lenses can be clipped on to the iris itself or can be positioned between the lens and the iris or alternatively the actual lens itself can be replaced by an artificial lens.  All these modalities can therefore correct the refractive error that the patient presents with.”

Alternatives To Treating Hyperopia Explained Further…

In the developed world, most suffers of hyperopia will already be aware of their condition and, by the time they are in their mid-twenties, hyperopic patients will either be wearing, or considering wearing, glasses or contact lenses to counter the effects of it.

London Vision Clinic can correct hyperopia through using one of two laser eye surgery techniques, LASIK or PRK.

Mr Glenn Carp explains the alternatives to treating it.

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