What Is Hyperopia (Long-Sightedness)?

Mr Glenn Carp – “Hyperopia or long-sightedness is the converse of myopia whereby the light actually is focused to a point behind the retina and as a result therefore either you have too short an eye or the corneal curvature is too flat for the eye’s length.  As a result the light actually meets at a focal point behind the retina and not at the retina itself.”

Hyperopia (Long-Sightedness) Explained Further…

Hyperopia, or long-sightedness, is a condition where the eye is too short or the cornea is not curved enough This results in too little focusing power. The image is focused behind the retina. Therefore, close objects appear blurry while objects in the distance are clear. London Vision Clinic’s results with long-sighted patients exceed the average results published in the medical literature.

Mr Glenn Carp explains what hyperopia (long-sightedness) means.

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My prescription was very unique being very long sighted and having a large astigmatism, so when I was told I was eligible for surgery at London Vision Clinic I was very pleased. The procedure itself could not have gone more smoothly and it has absolutely changed my life being glasses and contact free. Strongly recommend!– Christie Mockford

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