Where Can I Get Advice About My Laser Eye Surgery Options?

For those who need to wear glasses or contact lenses, Laser Eye Surgery is often a life-changing procedure. It’s also a significant financial commitment, and can be a bit daunting.

Whichever way you look at it, Laser Eye Surgery is a big decision. If you’re considering having the procedure, it’s important to do your research, and especially to speak to any clinics you might be considering.

With so many providers offering a wide range of Laser Eye Surgery options, knowing who to turn to and who to trust for advice can be tricky.

Where to get advice about Laser Eye Surgery:

Friends, family & colleagues

With over 20 million Laser Eye Surgery treatments carried out worldwide so far, the chances are you will know someone who’s had it. If none of your immediate family or friends have had treatment, ask around at work, or on social media. Being able to discuss their experiences – including which clinic and surgeon they chose, and any initial concerns they might have had – could help you to organise your thoughts.

Review websites

Websites such as TrustPilot allow anyone to post honest reviews about any company that has provided them with goods or services. These reviews are uncensored and allow you to get a good idea of what those who have had Laser Eye Surgery genuinely think about the clinic they chose. Most of the major Laser Eye Surgery providers are represented on TrustPilot, so you can do a quick search on any you are considering. Look at what the average score is and then read a few.


There are a number of Laser Eye Surgery forms online – some run by providers and some independently run, such as My-EyeSpy.com. These are another good place to look for honest reviews & feedback, as well as allowing you to post your questions and chat with those who’ve had treatment.

Go for a consultation

Once you’ve narrowed down the Laser Eye Surgery clinic(s) you are considering – go for a consultation. You’ll get to see the clinic, have your suitability for treatment assessed and discuss any concerns. You should also ask if you will be able to meet your surgeon in person before treatment. Based on the results of the initial suitability assessment, the surgeon will then be able to recommend the best treatment options for you, and discuss the whole process.

Most clinics also provide Laser Eye Surgery guides and information packs – to request one from London Vision Clinic, to book a consultation, or just to speak to someone, call 020 7224 1005, or fill out the contact form on our website.