Why Are Laser Eye Surgery Costs So Confusing?

Many of the questions our prospective patients have regarding Laser Eye Surgery are related to costs – and this makes sense. After all, this life-changing treatment comes with a hefty price tag, so being as informed as possible is important. However, we’ve noticed a number of factors that can cause undue confusion when it comes to the actual cost of Laser Eye Surgery.

At London Vision Clinic, we prefer to advertise the real price that most people pay at our clinic – every step of the way. Unfortunately, not all clinics see things this way. The confusion that many patients experience often stems from the different ways in which clinics advertise their costs. So, we’re breaking things down to make it a little simpler.

Factors that Make Laser Eye Surgery Costs Confusing

Pricing “Per Eye”

Many clinics in the UK advertise their costs for Laser Eye Surgery in a “per eye” structure. While some people may require treatment in just one eye, this is not the case for the vast majority of patients. This is simply a technique designed to lessen the psychological effect of a price. However, in reality, this is akin to suggesting that a new car costs only £2,500 per wheel…

At London Vision Clinic, our advertised price includes the treatment of both eyes.

Advertising the lowest possible price

This is another technique that clinics use to get prospective clients through the door in the hopes that their treatment will cost less than it actually will. For example, Optical Express currently advertises LASEK treatment to cost “From £595 per eye”. However, if you scroll to their disclaimer, you will note that less than a quarter of patients qualify for treatment at this price.

In actual fact, only patients with very low prescriptions will be suitable for surgery at this price point. Those with higher prescriptions or those in need of a different treatment type will likely pay much more.

At London Vision Clinic, we clearly state our treatment cost for the average patient – which includes all appointments, Wavefront technology, aftercare, and an enhancement procedure (should one be needed) – as well as the cost of high-profile treatments.

Charging for “Optional Extras”

Another popular method for upping your final bill is to offer so-called “optional extras”. Depending on your chosen clinic, this can include charges for your consultation and aftercare appointments, as well as the use of more up-to-date technology.

However, we believe that every patient should be offered the highest-quality treatment for their prescription. That’s why our fees account for all aspects of your treatment – including the use of Wavefront as standard.

Monthly Breakdowns

Don’t get us wrong, offering a monthly payment plan for Laser Eye Surgery is often extremely helpful. However, failing to clearly state the full price of treatment can create confusion over the actual cost. We believe that an accurate full cost of treatment should be made clear before it is broken down into monthly instalments.

How clinics can reduce confusion around Laser Eye Surgery pricing

The factors highlighted above can cause no end of confusion around Laser Eye Surgery pricing. Yet, there are some simple solutions to making things more straightforward. At London Vision Clinic, we believe the following Laser Eye Surgery pricing guidelines should be adopted by all clinics in the UK:

  • Because the majority of people have both eyes treated, provide full pricing information for both eyes (e.g. £4,900, not £2,400 per eye).
  • Avoid offering Laser Eye Surgery in the same way one would offer optional extras like a CD player or Air Conditioning in a car – instead, offer the best procedure available to every patient.
  • When advertising financing, always mention the whole price so that people have a clear idea of what the entire procedure will cost.
  • Incorporate all common costs into the procedure so that the patient is clear on what to expect, without having to deal with unexpected costs that arise later.

If you’d like to learn more about what you can really expect to pay for your Laser Eye Surgery treatment, get in touch or Book a Consultation at our Harley Street clinic today.