Why Are Laser Eye Surgery Costs So Confusing? We Uncover The Reasons.

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We’ve noticed that one of the most popular pages on our website is about Laser Eye Surgery costs. So, we’ve decided to conduct a comparison of fees that range across the laser eye service providers to provide some context about this subject.

After a little research, we can conclude that Laser Eye Surgery pricing may be creating some confusion for consumers interested in the procedure.

Factors That Make Laser Eye Surgery Costs Confusing

Per eye pricing. Laser Eye Surgery is usually priced per eye. This is a commonly used technique aimed at reducing the psychology effect of a price. This is akin to suggesting that a new car costs only £2,500 per wheel.

Using the word “From”. Laser eye service providers sometimes advertise their prices using the word from (e.g. “From £395 per eye”). Usually, this is the lowest price offered. One reason that providers may do this is because it entices people to call, hoping they might get this price. However, usually this price is offered only to a very small minority of patients who fit very strict criteria (e.g. usually very, very low prescriptions).

Stratified pricing. Another factor that adds to the confusion is the tendency of many providers to offer different options for different costs. This is similar to the way cars are priced. And similar to the concept of “optional extras”, Laser Eye Surgery patients are often offered “optional extras” like “wavefront”, “femtosecond laser” and “tissue-saving”

Monthly breakdowns. Lastly, prices are often offered to people on a monthly basis. While it’s true that this information can sometimes be helpful, adding a full price amount next to a monthly figure helps to clear any confusion that this may create.

Unmentioned extras. Similar to optional extras, these include components of a procedure that one might take for granted (e.g. fixing something if it’s not quite right – enhancements; aftercare, drugs and other necessary supplies)

Warning: Many clinics attract patients with low basic Laser Eye Surgery prices, but then reveal that certain tests or procedures carry extra costs. These costs can mount up fast.

How Clinics Can Help Reduce Laser Eye Surgery Pricing Confusion

The London Vision Clinic recommends the following Laser Eye Surgery pricing guidelines be adopted by all clinics offering laser eye services in the UK:

  • Because the majority of people have both eyes treated, provide full pricing information for both eyes (e.g. £4,900, not £2,400 per eye)
  • Avoid using the word “from” in advertising (“From £395 per eye”) and provide prices in a clear format so people know exactly what to expect
  • Avoid offering Laser Eye Surgery in the same way one would offer optional extras like a CD player or Air Conditioning – instead, offer the best procedure available to every patient
  • When advertising financing, always mention the whole price so that people have a clear idea of what the entire procedure will cost
  • Incorporate all common costs into the procedure so that the patient is clear on what to expect, without having to deal with unexpected costs that arise later

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