Why London is the best place in the UK for Laser Eye Surgery

London Vision Clinic entrance on Harley Street in London


People of all ages and cultures take a shine to London for its inclusively and diverse range of experiences and offerings.

It’s a favourite among artists and songwriters from The Beatles and The Clash to Dickins and Alexander Mcqueen, its cobbled streets, evergreen parks, and enchanting history providing endless inspiration.

It’s a favourite among foodies and connoisseurs of the finest British produce, offering some of the best places to tuck into a classic Sunday Roast or enjoy a plate piled high with bangers and mash.

And it’s a favourite among medical students and patients, seeking only the best training, services, and treatments the world has to offer.

With many strings to its bow, there are many reasons someone may visit the nation’s capital. However, if you’re an artist looking for inspiration, the world has numerous other metropolitan hotspots to choose from. Likewise if you’re seeking the best food and education. However, if you happen to be on the hunt for the finest Laser Eye Surgery treatment, then there’s only one place for you.

For centuries London has been known around the world as a centre of medical excellence, with the focal point being on one particular area in Marylebone: the historic Harley Street. Today, the story of London and Harley Street leading the medical field continues, largely thanks to three things:

1. World-class transport connects the world with London

No matter where you are in the UK or around the world, the centre of London is little more than a plane or train ride away. This is by no means accidental; the capital’s five major airports create an extensive network of national and international flights, while the 11 Tube lines, 270 train stations, endless bus routes, and ubiquitous taxi network link everything in between.

And it’s not just size that London has going for it. A poll on Trip Advisor revealed that people travelling to the UK believe London’s transport system to be one of the safest and most efficient too. Ranking high in the poll was the far-reaching London Underground and ever-cheerful London cabbies.

2. The highest concentration of Laser Eye Surgery clinics

With more Laser Eye Surgery clinics than anywhere else in the UK and over 3,000 people employed in the area in hospitals, clinics, and medical practices, Harley Street is a medical hotbed. The reality is you’ll be hard pushed to find an area in the world with more medical experts than Harley Street, London.

As a place of constant activity, there is a healthy presence of competition on Harley Street that is evident in the competitive prices and jovial spirit among staff. This helps to maintain and strengthen Harley Street’s reputation of high-quality service and care and cement its position at the very top.

3. Access to the latest technology and innovation

As one of the greatest medical hubs in the world, clinics in London not only receive first access to many of the latest developments in the field, but pioneer them themselves.

In the world of Laser Eye Surgery, this means safety, performance, and experience in independent clinics is always on the rise. This is in contrary to high street chains which offer a standardised service and often cut costs by offering deals on outdated technology.

With an estimated 120,000 people in the UK undergoing Laser Eye Surgery every year, it’s clear to see why the majority of them have it in London. Whether it be the promise of unrivalled treatment or even the chance to visit incredible landmarks and attractions, there’s a reason for everyone.

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