Why London’s Harley Street Is The Centre Of The Laser Eye Surgery World

A centre of medical excellence since the 19th century, Harley Street has also become the centre of the Laser Eye Surgery world.

With over a dozen clinics, Harley Street has the UK’s highest density of Laser Eye Surgery providers. It’s not just the quantity of clinics that makes Harley Street the centre of the Laser Eye Surgery world though – it’s the quality.

Some of the world’s most renowned surgeons have set up independent clinics here. This has established Harley Street as THE destination for people from across the globe looking for the best possible Laser Eye Surgery treatment.

Being a global Laser Eye Surgery hub, Harley Street attracts people from all over the world, as well as UK celebrities, senior politicians and business leaders – all of whom demand only the very best for their eyes – as we all do.

London Vision Clinic opened their Harley Street clinic in 2009, after moving from Devonshire place, where they started treating in 2002. Since then LoVC have performed thousands of successful Laser Eye Surgery treatments and pride themselves on providing the best and safest experience for their patients.

To find out why Harley Street, and London Vision Clinic in particular, is such a popular choice for those wanting the very best Laser Eye Surgery possible, give us a call on 020 7224 1005 or book a consultation.

Experience the Harley Street difference at London Vision Clinic.