The True Price Of Cheap Laser Corrective Surgery

No matter how large or small, with every surgical procedure, there comes an element of risk. That being said, there are certain ways in which clinical practices and surgeons can minimise risk so that the procedures they carry out are as safe as can possibly be.

Many of these precautions are left down to the individual practice to employ, and therefore, it is essential to understand how to go about recognising a suitable and qualified practice.

We have put together the following brief guide to help you evaluate a particular clinic:

As you can imagine, not all surgeons have the same qualifications and experience, and very few clinics have the same methods and patient-centered ethos.

You Get What You Pay For

In an extensive report on Laser Eye Surgery Clinics by Which?, it was found that standard LASIK treatments were available from as little as £595 per eye on a time-limited offer, or £1,195 the rest of the year round.

Researchers from the consumer watchdog had initial consultations at all the clinics quoting the lowest offers, creating detailed reports on the quality of each visit. A staggering four out of six of the visits were deemed ‘poor’, with one major high street chain, in particular, falling down when it came to explaining complications. The researchers criticised the clinic for treating patients less like individuals and more like potential sales.

“Some staff seem so keen to make a sale that they are missing the basics: what the customer needs to know to give informed consent. Or, at the very least, reminding the patient to read the written information.”

Which? reported that independent clinics, smaller chains, and hospital-based providers scored the highest on their assessments, with high street providers coming in at a distant last place.

Post-op Complications

Although complications occur in less than 5% of patients, it is wise to discuss the potential risks with your consultant. The vast majority of patients are back to work and enjoying their vision within only a few days.

Dry eyes can be an issue for some people in the months following surgery. However, there are certain things you can do to manage this, such as using artificial tears and avoiding prolonged periods of time driving or watching television as such activities can dry out your eyes.

Severe loss of vision is very rare, and going blind—even in just one eye—as stated by our very own Prof Reinstein, is nearly as rare of an occurrence as being hit by lightening.

Having Laser Eye Surgery is a short and pain-free process—that is, ensuring you do your homework beforehand and find a clinic with experienced surgeons, excellent service, and a passion to always put its patients first.

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