Your private invitation to Harley Street

Nestled between two of the capital’s four Royal Parks — Regents and Hyde — as well as the Queen’s very own resting place — Buckingham Palace — is where you’ll find Harley Street, the infamous medical hub, and one of the most prestigious postcodes in the nation’s capital.

When I say prestigious, I don’t mean like Kensington Palace Gardens or certain parts of Belgravia where average property prices can be in the tens of millions. Harley Street is a humble little area that has long attracted professionals rather than aristocrats thanks to its beautifully designed yet affordable townhouses.

It was around the mid-19th century when scientists, military officers, artists, and similar folk started arriving on Harley Street. A few decades later, most of the buildings were occupied by those in the medical profession, setting up shop on the ground floor and making their homes upstairs.

Not long after, the wider area of Marylebone became more urbanised and connected, allowing doctors to live further afield from their clinics. This opened up the much in demand space on Harley Street for more doctors to move in and establish their practices, and quickly led to the street gaining its status as one of the world’s leading medical hubs.

Since then, pretty much all of the charismatic Georgian, Victorian, and Edwardian buildings have been converted into receptions, consulting rooms, and operating theatres. But you won’t be bombarded with tacky signage and garish colour schemes; respectfully preserved architecture is a dominant theme on Harley Street. Pay a visit and you will be rewarded by such gems as no. 51, a Tudor Gothic style building dating back to 1894, and the beaux-arts stylings of no. 37. In total, Harley Street is home to 18 Grade II* listed buildings and dozens more of Grade II ranking.

Today, the infamous street is the location of choice for international-renowned surgeons like Professor Dan Reinstein and Mr Glenn Carp — two surgeons known not only for their outstanding performance in the field but their love and dedication to their craft.

With such a strong reputation, unique charm, and high concentration of expertise, celebrities, elite athletes, and anyone who appreciates quality flock there on a daily basis for medical treatments.

The high demand and number of clinics means there’s also a healthy level of competition. Patients can rest assured they’ll only receive the best quality, and that they won’t pay through the nose for it. What’s more, as the majority of the practitioners are in the trade for the love of the work rather than their bank balance, the service you’ll receive is one of complete care and devotion to your health and wellbeing.

If you’d like to find out more about the expertise of our surgeons, or book a consultation at our clinic on Harley Street, leave us a comment or get in touch via our contact page.