You’re Never Too Old!

I don’t think that it would be fair to share here Rosa’s age (I am certainly not going to tell you mine!) but I will give you a clue … after Rosa had her eyesight corrected by Dr Dan two years ago she discovered the joy of being glasses-free for the first time in seventy years! 

Is this, I wonder, some sort of record? And, if so, why should it be unusual for anyone – whatever their age – to safely undergo Laser Eye Surgery with all the subsequent liberating benefits for the rest of their lives?  I am certain that wearing glasses is just as irritating at eighty as it is at eighteen.

Rosa was born in Piedmont in Italy and her family later moved to Turin in 1948. She spent time in London enjoying painting water colours before moving to Torrevieja (near Alicante) in Spain in order to achieve a life-long ambition – to learn the technique of working with oils.

Along the way Rosa heard about Dr Dan and his outstanding skill as a Laser Eye Surgeon and was determined to meet him.

She had found that her glasses had become increasingly uncomfortable and decided to look into the possibility of getting rid of them.

“The moment I met him I knew that I wanted him to operate on my eyes”, she told me.”I wasn’t nervous – I had absolute confidence in him.”

And how does Rosa feel to be without glasses for the fist time since childhood?

Like many other London Vision Clinic patients, she found herself, in the early days, rubbing her nose as she retained the habit of pushing up her slipping specs. Now –like the rest of us – she just enjoys being glasses-free.