London Vision Clinic’s Award Winning Staff and Service

London Vision Clinic is renowned for its award winning staff and service. In addition to the high quality medical care it offers, the people working at London Vision Clinic are a main factor in setting the clinic apart from other Laser Eye Surgery clinics in the UK. Time and time again happy patients have reported that it was the staff and service provided that shaped their successful experience. The following are personal accounts of just a few of the happy patients that have been treated by London Vision Clinic.

Jane was extremely pleased with all aspects of both the consultation and treatment, which was entirely painless. The follow up care was thorough and London Vision Clinic continues to monitor her vision today, two years after the procedure, in the event that a further enhancement can be made in order to entirely eliminate her need for glasses.

Yasmin  said that she would highly recommend London Vision Clinic for their top notch care and attention from day one. The positive attitude of the staff and surgeons was consistently reassuring. The whole procedure was clearly explained and any and all of her questions were answered in great detail, eliminating any fears that she had and leaving her feeling confident about her care the day of her surgery. She called the procedure quick. Since the surgery she has gone from having very poor vision to no longer needing glasses after 40 years of requiring them to complete basic tasks. Her satisfaction was so great that she would recommend it to anyone dealing with similar day to day challenges.

Daniella said that on her list of monumental life events, corrective eye surgery comes second only to having her child. The staff made her feel comfortable every step of the way. The operation itself was painless and within just a half hour she had gone from needing glasses to function to being able to read her watch clearly. She no longer embarrassingly squints at the supermarket to read labels. She has been thrilled with the results.

For Judy it has been the simple things that bring her joy, like being able to buy a pair of sunglasses off the shelf. Both her surgeon, Mr. Carp, and all of the other staff members went out of their way to maximize the relaxation and comfort of her experience all the way through to her aftercare visits.