8 Way’s Your Life Will Change After Laser Eye Surgery

You know it can improve your sight, but what would your life actually be like on a day-to-day basis after having Laser Eye Surgery?

Like anything, it’s hard to know until you actually go and do it. But with our list of eight ways your life will change after going from glasses or contacts to Laser Eye Surgery, you can get a pretty good idea.

1. You don’t need a kit of equipment to see

It may sound an obvious one, but think about it: when was the last time you flew, went to the gym, or did anything without some type of visual equipment?

Okay, sure, it’s a hassle to always have to remember to pick up your glasses or put in your contacts, but you get used to it. What you’ll never get used to, though, is not stressing out on holiday because you can’t find your brand of contacts, reading on the train without the glare affecting your sight, and waking up every morning with crystal clear vision.

2. People don’t get a shock when they see you without glasses

If you wear glasses most of the time, whenever you decide to wear contacts you won’t be a stranger to hearing, “Oh my god, you look so different without your glasses”!

Our eyes are one of our most defining features and are thus the part of us that people remember most. So, it’s not a huge surprise that hiding them behind glasses can completely change how you look.

3. Hangover days become enjoyable again

Staying in bed on the weekend and watching TV after a late night or a few glasses of wine too many used to be one of life’s little pleasures. Now, because you left your contacts in overnight or can’t remember where the heck you left your glasses before you crashed, it becomes just another of life’s little — more like big — headaches.

What’s worse, thanks to the constant dryness and eye strain, you don’t even know which days you’re hungover and which you’re not. That’s the price of outsourcing your vision.

4. No more seeing the world through a dull and defected lens

Other than the first day you buy your glasses, their lenses will never be clear again. Pollution, dirt, pollen, steam, make-up, smoke, fibres, rain, fog, spit — you name it, if it’s in the air, on your face, or on your hands, it will find a way to be on your glasses.

As well as being so smudged it’s like living in an impressionist painting, your glasses also pick up other tiny knocks and scratches and imperfections over time. And because they’re so gradual, you’ll never notice the difference — that is, until you’re able to see without them.

5. No more worrying about costs of replacements, etc.

Everyone knows renting is an expensive game. So we generally don’t do it unless it’s for something short term like a holiday let, car, or smartphone. So why do we do it with our vision — something we’ll hopefully use as long as we live?

We estimated the cost of renting out your vision at just over £3,000 over ten years. Times that by the average lifespan in the UK, and you get £24,000. Compare that to Laser Eye Surgery, which comes with none of the added hassles of broken lenses or ordering more lenses, and even if you had the treatment in your 40s you could still save six grand, if not much more.

6. Cheap sunglasses are back on the cards

When you can’t wear cheap fashion sunglasses they become somewhat of a fetish that can never be indulged. Sure, you have an excuse to buy expensive Chanel glimmers on prescription, but it soon wears off after you break or lose your third pair.

Rather than having to care for your sunglasses like they’re your babies, after Laser Eye Surgery, you’re free to lose, scratch, swim, or do whatever you want with them. All the while looking on trend and being able to switch it up depending on the occasion.

7. Getting ready to go out is a pleasure

Good vision is pretty much a prerequisite to looking good. But if you’ve ever tried to put eyeliner on with glasses, taking them on and off again and smudging it all over the frame, you’ll know the two don’t go together.

And with your make up finally done, then comes the task of matching your specs with your outfit. But no matter how many combinations you try, nothing seems to work. It turns out that medical eyewear, that also highlights dark circles under your eyes, is just not that versatile or attractive.

8. You see the world through youthful eyes

When you wear glasses and your vision gets gradually worse as you age, it’s easy to think the world is getting duller and sadder along with you. But most if not all of the time this is due to your sight, and as such, with a little help from Laser Eye Surgery, is completely reversible.

Getting rid of glasses can thus be like turning back the clock. Colours become brighter, faces and objects become sharper, and the world, in general, becomes a much more beautiful and enjoyable place to be in.