Clear Vision After Laser Eye Surgery: A Life-Changing Procedure

For the staff and surgeons here at London Vision Clinic, the look on a patient’s face as they walk away after Laser Eye Surgery is one of the perks of the job. Seeing the realisation of clear vision, sometimes after a lifetime of visual aids, truly is a joy to behold and we feel fortunate to be able to share this experience with our patients.

For many, the thought of being able to see clearly has seemed like a dream that could never come true. But with the power of Laser Eye Surgery, we have helped to make that dream a reality for thousands of people. This incredible procedure can help to change your life for the better in countless ways. In this article, we’ll look at just some of the changes you can expect after Laser Eye Surgery.

1. See clearly without visual aids

Okay, let’s start with the most obvious change you will notice after Laser Eye Surgery: You may never need to wear contacts or glasses again! The primary aim of Laser Eye Surgery is to achieve the best corrected vision you see with glasses or contact lenses. If successful (which the vast majority of procedures are), you could wave “bye-bye” to your pesky frames and lenses for good. And if we think your vision could be improved further, we will offer you an enhancement procedure, included in the cost of your treatment!

This means that you will no longer have to stumble to the bathroom first thing in the morning to put in your contacts; frantically search around the house for your “lost” glasses, or face a whole day of blurry vision and headaches at work after leaving your glasses at home. To sum up, all of the downsides of wearing glasses and/or contacts (and there are a lot) will disappear!

2. Say goodbye to the cost of replacements

Many people who need glasses or contact lenses will have spent so long paying the associated costs that they don’t notice just how much they are spending on their refractive error. We like to compare this to the cost of renting. Glasses and contact lenses essentially allow you to rent clear vision, just as you might rent a home – but you will never truly own it.

Laser Eye Surgery allows you to become the proud owner of clear vision; sure you may pay more upfront, but better value than glasses and contact lenses.

3. No more prescription sunglasses

When adding up the cost of your prescription, it can be easy to forget about the added cost of prescription sunglasses. Yet, for many people with refractive errors such as myopia (short-sightedness), hyperopia (long-sightedness), and astigmatism, they are entirely necessary.

For most people, sunglasses can be bought on a whim, whether at their favourite high street store or even for a bargain on the beachfront. But for those of us who have ever needed prescription lenses, the process is not so care- or cost-free. The good news is: It can be. Laser Eye Surgery could mean you never have to consider prescription sunglasses again!

4. Getting ready to go out is a pleasure

Good vision is pretty much a prerequisite to looking good. Let’s face it, achieving the perfect winged eyeliner is a challenge even for those with perfect vision! But if you’ve ever tried to put eyeliner on with glasses, taking them on and off again and smudging it all over the frames, you’ll know the two don’t go together.

And with your make-up finally done, then comes the task of matching your specs with your outfit. A problem that non-glasses wearers will never have to worry about. Just another one of the little perks of Laser Eye Surgery is that neither will you!

5. Enjoy your favourite activities – without being hindered

At London Vision Clinic, we have treated a fair number of patients who enjoy rather extreme activities – from skydivers to trans-Atlantic sailors! Every one of these patients has been thrilled with how the procedure has helped to make their hobby even more enjoyable. But this doesn’t only apply to extreme sports.

Glasses and contact lenses can easily get in the way of any kind of physical activity, as well as anything requiring any degree of precision. So, whether you enjoy painting, high-impact sports, or even just a hike in the countryside, Laser Eye Surgery can make your favourite activities even more enjoyable.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

The term “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” is believed to have first been coined by a Greek philosopher in the 3rd Century BC. However it didn’t appear in written form until the 16th Century, famously brought to life by William Shakespeare in his play Love’s Labours Lost. Its meaning has been heavily debated since then, but we can all agree that it applies perfectly to visual clarity. After all, beauty is quite literally in the eye of the beholder!

Sight is so important that hundreds of people come to the London Vision Clinic every year to undergo Laser Eye Surgery. Thanks to technical and surgical developments, our patients can once more appreciate the world for what it is.

So, should you take the plunge and go under the laser?

If you have any questions about Laser Eye Surgery at London Vision Clinic, get in touch with one of our friendly clinic coordinators today. To find out if you could be suitable for treatment, Book a Consultation and start your journey to clear vision.