A Brief History Of Laser Eye Surgery

Many people assume that Laser Eye Surgery is a relatively new technique, but the idea of surgically correcting vision by reshaping the surface of the eye has been around for many years, in a variety of forms.

This is known as refractive surgery as it purpose is to change the way light enters the eye by reshaping the cornea, removing refractive errors, and effectively re-focussing the light onto the retina, resulting in clear, crisp vision.

Professor Jose Barraquer’s early pioneering work in refractive surgery over 50 years ago led the way for the vision correction procedures we have today.

Laser Eye Surgery was first introduced around 20-25 years ago by professor John Marshall, who patented the idea of using an excimer laser to reshape the cornea, because of the accuracy of the excimer laser itself.

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Over the years, a number of different procedures have been developed. Early procedures used techniques to reshape the surface of the eye – referred to as PRK.

Through better understanding, the healing times were found to be much quicker when doing a lot of the reshaping not onto the surface of the eye as in PRK, but under a thin flap directly onto the cornea.

This is where the modern LASIK procedure was born.

There are now over 15 years of evidence documenting good stability of patients’ vision post Laser Eye Surgery, with no adverse effects over that long period of time.

Even the early Laser Eye Surgery patients are continuing to enjoy their good vision over many, many years.

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A Brief History Of Laser Eye Surgery