Aftercare At London Vision Clinic

Corrective eye surgery can seem intimidating, but LASIK itself is a shockingly straightforward procedure with a rapid recovery time. There are many variations of the procedure. What surgery is right for you is a decision made between you and your doctor. Depending on your surgery, your aftercare may vary. However, London Vision Clinic strives to be transparent regarding costs and make their patients as comfortable as possible from their first consultation to their final post-surgery follow up appointment. While many patients may feel intimidated by the procedure itself, they are often erroneously under the impression that the recovery and the aftercare are complicated, painful, and full of risks. Laser Eye Surgery is not supposed to be painful and in fact, any discomfort at all will seldom extend beyond the first day. Everything that you need to do, from resting your eyes to applying eye drops, will be explained clearly to you prior to your surgery.

Check out the below testimonials to see how London Vision Clinic was there for their patients.

Niki opted for Key Hole Laser Surgery. She had been feeling scared for years. She finally decided to go through with it when wearing contacts was becoming difficult for her due to perpetual dry eyes. She had heard of London Vision Clinic and Professor Reinstein’s superior reputation.  She remarks that both her pre and post-surgery care were amazing. Since the operation, which she assures didn’t hurt in the slightest, she has experienced rare bouts of dry eyes. What’s more is that her vision is perfect.

Teresa B. had PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision. She was impressed by the aftercare. With many products in life, there are hidden costs and expenses. Not at London Vision Clinic, she says. All of the aftercare services and products were provided promptly with no additional hidden costs. 
James had Laser Eye Surgery and said that the aftercare was a piece of cake. It was great being able to go asleep immediately afterwards and not worry about leaving in his lenses. For him, Laser Eye Surgery was the best decision that he ever made. He doesn’t have to worry about vision complications during his boxing matches!

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